4 Tips to feel sexy instantly

4 Tips to feel sexy instantly

A number of thoughts and things can make you feel sexy instantly. Don’t you wish to feel like a goddess your man would like to worship every day? Don’t you wish you could hold the reins and make him do things just at the drop of a hat?


Feeling sexy can make you more confident and help you carry yourself in places. The best part: You can feel sexy almost at any moment just with the right mindset. Yes, just follow these and you are good to go.


Constantly evaluate yourself


Know thyself. This is the best thing you can do for yourself, if you wish to grow. We have a busy lifestyle now and this often leads to self- neglect. To top that, we are always ready with numerous excuses to escape the reality. Living in a constant state of self-denial is harmful.


Feeling sexy too is just the way you see yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to conform to what others think of the way you look or you are. The shortest way out will be to keep something with yourself everyday that will remind you to take some time out and feel or imagine all the sexiness in you.



4 Tips to feel sexy instantly

You may feel that having the right curves is the only way to feel sexy or appear one in order to melt a man’s heart. It’s all in the head. That’s where sexiness is inbuilt. If you go through the best movies that portray sensuality in a woman you will find that what sets those women apart is the air of confidence around them while they carry themselves.


Of course fitting into a lean dress can make you look hot but trust me, that’s very superficial and doesn’t help in the long run. Know how to run fingers through your hair the sexy way, when and how to softly bite your lips, when to convey you feelings through your eyes and how you can set fire to his heart just with the lightest touch.


Build tension in the air

4 Tips to feel sexy instantly

Imagine how you want things to be when he is around. Movies do help and will add on to your creativity. The kind of setting you want, the kind of things you talk about, or your moves in front of you man; all work in soaring the heat metre. A sensual date by the candle light, renovated room to suit your mood and even taking an aromatic bath can lift your mood and make him crave or anticipate something more for the night.


Learn about your body

 4 Tips to feel sexy instantly

Knowledge of your own body is extremely handy when it comes to feeling sexy. Just touching yourself at the right places can instantly get you asking for more. That’s when you know which part of your body is more sensitive to touches and which part isn’t. Also, what sort of things run in your head when you touch yourself? These will direct your movements in front of your man and also the sound of your voice can be modulated to suit the environment.


A number of blogs, books and even visual media can help you learn how to appreciate body, come to terms with just the way you are and feel sexier. Make use of all the information available. Feeling sexy can do wonders to your personality. Just don’t go overboard. Or else you’ll be misunderstood. Keep the balance and let your sexiness work the magic.


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