4 Types of fights every married couple should have!

No matter at which stage of the relationship you are in, you will surely have fights along the way. This is something that should be able to predict even before you get into a relationship. While it may be a big source of trouble, a few of them can be quite healthy for a good relationship to progress. Without the opposite sex it is quite normal to have disagreements simply because of the fact that rarely will you think alike. Even though it will be conflicting and result in a few hiccups, it is still vent out your anger. This is much better than keeping the issues buried deep within and letting the complaints pile up. Your frustration will be emoted in ways which can sabotage your relationship. With that been said, there is always a way in which you should be expressing your concerns while respecting your partner for who he/ she is. Here are a few causes of fights every couple has and in fact should have:

4 Types of fights every married couple should have!

The fight over finances


Finances can be a huge bone of contention even among the most happiest couples. Rarely will the two be on the same page when it comes to the question of spending on  what they like. While for one a particular commodity is a necessity, for the other the same thing is a wastage. This can cause a lot of annoyance when one is having to sacrifice his/ her likes for the happiness of the other. The most important question here is if the other person is sacrificing a necessity just to fulfill your fancy wishes? In this case, it is important that you have a deeper conversation about how you could build an expense fund which would/ could be devoted to the contentious commodities. This way, you could reduce your arguments and gain a positive feedback from each other to move ahead. [Read: 6 Reasons why he will never be seriously involved with you]


The fight over having sex


On a broader level, sexless marriages can ruin relationships. Physical touch is a great way to show how you feel about your partner. A sexless marriage may be hinting at the darker sides of the relationship that you share. It could mean that deep down you don’t find your partner desirable enough. If you are not able to satisfy your partner, it allows him room to look for someone who will. Affairs are the most common issues among couples dealing with the issue of a sexless marriage. Often people complain of dissatisfaction with their partner’s performances. This is when you should be looking for a counsellor or a therapist. It is great if you have a partner who thinks about sex just the way you do. Whether it is about having it every day or may be not at all. What matters is having an agreement over whichever path you would like to take. [Read: Denying sex to spouse for a long time ground for divorce?]


The fight over in- laws


Too many couples these days choose to stay away from their parents. This is because they either find it too expensive to deal with the burgeoning costs or simply because they choose to avoid responsibilities. Either of the partners might also find themselves hung between keeping the parents and the spouse happy. If you find yourself burdened by the issue over taking care of your in- laws or having to attend to them at unexpected hours, you need to talk to your partner about it. Whatever your partner opines you need to be respectful of that despite it being different from yours. Be sensitive on this issue because you may not want to disrespect the most closest people to your partner. Also, if your in- laws are interfering in your personal life, you can act mature and let them know that politely without creating a sour space in your relationships. [Read: 6 Tips to maintaining a healthy relationship with your in-laws!]


The fight over daily chores

 4 Types of fights every married couple should have!

If you are a home maker and your husband is the bread winner in the family, you must be having a clear cut distinction between who does what job. However, when both of you have jobs outside and you have to come back and take care of the house as well, it can be a huge source of trouble when your partner acts bossy despite the fact that both of you do the same amount of hard work. It is advisable that you still help each other whenever you can and show some empathy when the other one is having a hard time. It is imperative that you don’t treat the assign work with gender biases but rather treat each other with equal respect. Smaller fights such as these can snowball into bigger ones where the other person feels no appreciation and admiration for the work that he. she does. Make sure you show that you care about what your partner does for you.