4 Ways to avoid falling out of love!

Sometimes you have no particular reason to point out and say why you are not feeling the same for your partner like you always used to. Basically you have fallen out of love and just don’t know why. While you might feel guilty about that, don’t kill yourself for it. It is common and you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. When you fall in love with someone, you go ahead with all these hopes that he is the one who will sweep you off your feet and give a fairy taleish end to your life. But sadly with time you might just realise that the picture is not as rosy as you think it is. Soon, you are back to the same place looking for what you have been trying to find.

As much as falling in love is easy, falling out of love with the same person is perhaps easier. What seemed like the cutest qualities in him that swept you off your feet, can become the reasons for your loss of interest. You are confused as to how things changed so drastically and why it didn’t have the happy ending that both of your promised to each other to work on. Well. to be honest what you may have misunderstood as love, might as well be your infatuation towards this person. Yes, it is difficult to draw a line between infatuation and real love.


Real love comes into picture only when both of you are convinced that you know each other enough. Only when you have worked to build that deeper connection, you can truly analyse if you really love his good as well as his bad. This is when you can test your compatibility. How strong you are in sync with your partner can only be understood when you have given your relationship some time. So, everything that you know of love at first sights is basically infatuation. Sounds heartbreaking? Well, that’s how it is! After this phase of infatuation wanes out what you liked about this man at the start can turn out to be painful revelations that you may find it scarier to live with all your life. So, how do you avoid this and stay strong and steady with each other? Any magical formula you have been sold ever on this? Well, it’s a lot of efforts. This is no quick solution to this actually. Read on to know how you could avoid falling out of love and make your relationship last forever:


Invest your time to know him first

4 Ways to avoid falling out of love!

Sometimes, we just want to commit to someone and make things exclusive as soon as we can. While you might want to rush into making yourself official with this charming man that you came across, hold your horses. Test the waters and then tread further. Even if things are clear to you, give him the time to prove himself at different situations. After all, he needs to earn his place in your life and not just get a permanent seat because you were smitten superficially.  [Read: 7 Reasons why spending too much time together can hurt your marriage!]


Keep your expectations low


It is never too good to have high expectations in a relationship. This is where you are doomed to fail when he cannot live up to that. Set high standards but low expectations with people. You will never be fully satisfied no matter what he does and he will never be able to utilise his full capacity to keep you happy because of other priorities in life. What matters is where you find that balance. This is important if you want to keep your relationship together for long. [Read: 6 Things that you must expect from your partner!]


Balance your priorities

4 Ways to avoid falling out of love!

While a relationship is a part of your life and not your whole identity, you need to give it the same nurture and care that you devote to the other priorities of life. So, no matter what keeps you busy, you should try and keep your partner informed and stay in touch frequently throughout the day. This way your partner will understand your work and other activities and will complain lesser. You need to show your interest in your lover through these little gestures throughout the day. [Read: 5 Reasons why you should never make someone a priority]


Make time for special moments


You may be super busy for the whole week but if you do care about your partner, you will definitely make time for special moments. Now that can be your anniversary or just surprise dates. Make sure you are able to be there on time and stay genuinely interested in the moment. Your casual attitude can be easily understood in case you show no concern or care. While you might just like to pretend through the entire event, be careful because emotions never lie and you will eventually show your true feelings towards this person. So, if you want to avoid falling in love, stay committed to making these efforts.

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