4 Ways in which you are ruining a new relationship

Relationships are never too difficult when you can figure out the basic things that need to be in place to have a successful relationship. Every new relationship goes through the same phase of confusion. It is difficult to analyse where you stand and if your position is grounded or it is just a fling or rebound that you have gotten yourself into. Nobody can guarantee that to you but time. So, you need to be patient when you sign up for a new relationship so that you stay sane. While men tend to focus in the happiness perceived for the time being, women tend to get crazy about the details that’s either there or they are deluded about. In the process the complexities involved can get in the way of building a beautiful relationship. Man or a woman, no one in the right state of mind will want to ruin their relationship. But unknowingly in the absence of a right direction, certain things might happen quite contrary to what we expect. Here are a few things that you are doing which are ruining a new relationship.

4 Ways in which you are ruining a new relationship

The marriage talk


Women get too excited about too many things even before the relationship is official. There should be absolutely no pressure that you exert on a man to settle down with you in the future when you have barely known each other for more than a few weeks. Of course, some people do get lucky but you cannot sabotage your new relationship by being  over the clouds for something that is yet to get into a better shape. Men are simpler. They think about each day as the day and don’t really go beyond that unless they are serious about you and the situation demands so. There is no women bashing going on in here but generally women do tend to get overly attached too soon which is what can make your man pull away from you. So, be patient with this man you have started going out with and wait till your love is grounded before you pop up the question of marriage.


Analysing every little detail


Analysing every little details of your relationship can not just drive you insane but also ruin the relationship to the point that it almost becomes a memory. You should never analyse every small detail about what your man does or else you will only complicate stuff more. Women tend to get too hyper about everything and the repercussions act quite opposite to what you might expect. I have gone through the same and I am sure that many of your reading this will agree with me. When you overreact, your man gets frustrated dealing with your hyper sensitivity to situations which freaks him out and he rethinks if it is even healthy to think of a future with you. Stop wrecking everything by killing yourself over “what if’s” and focus on “what is”.


Dumping your life for something that isn’t yet official


Many of you may have gone through this where you like this guy so much that the moment you let him know about how you feel about him you stop interacting with all the other males in your life and focus on him completely. Look, if a man commits to you and you want to do that, go ahead, But if a man is making excuses and doesn’t wish to brand the relationship, it simply means that he enjoying all these benefits that he gets with you. What is the point of taking all the troubles of getting official when he is being benefited without the same? So, if a man is still acting confused but still wants to act like he should be the only one in your life, don’t entertain that. Have your own life and enjoy everything that you did before. Don’t let him take that advantage of having you as an arm candy but not reciprocating back.


Not being clear about what you need in the relationship

4 Ways in which you are ruining a new relationship

We often tend to get confused about what we are really seeking from the relationship that we wish to commit to. In the process, we adjust and accommodate to the little problems but then later realise that these are the greatest deal breakers for us. Unless you are absolutely clear about what it is that you need in a man, you will always be making mistakes that will definitely ruin the new relationship. Only commit to things that you are absolutely sure about before you start dumping your expectations on someone who finds that discomforting. Your guy will find you clingy when he had clarified his stand but you start weaving dreams in your make-believe world and convince yourself that things will eventually work out fine.