5 Coolest Valentines’s Day gifts for your man!

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. You should start thinking about gifts for your partner because genuinely guys are a bit hard to shop for!

5 Coolest Valentines's Day gifts for you man!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t exactly mean the same to your guy as it does for you as his idea of gifts and date are different from yours. Let’s be real and agree to the fact that all guys do not like the lovey-dovey idea of having a romantic date as a surprise.

Here are few gifts you might want to consider buying depending on the type of guy you are dating:

Hottest gadget of the year: A Virtual Reality Headset

Do you want to be called as the awesome girlfriend? Become one by getting him a VR headset. If your guy is tech junkie then he’ll absolutely love you for gifting him a VR headset. Various VR headsets are available online as well as in the market. You can either opt for headset compatible only with his phone or the one that is compatible with any brand

5 Coolest Valentines's Day gifts for you man!

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Leather Shot Glasses

Buy a pair of shot glasses for you Bf as a gift if he loves partying. You will see how eager he is to try out shots in those glasses you gifted him. You literally made his day with this gift. You can even play Truth and dare while taking the shots to spice up the moment.

5 Coolest Valentines's Day gifts for you man!

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Sexy Rayban Sunglasses

Well, summer’s going to start in few months after Valentine’s Day. So gifting him a cool shades would be amazing, don’t you agree? Depending on the features you can opt for wayfarer, aviators or stylish round Rayban shades.

5 Coolest Valentines's Day gifts for you man!

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Refreshing Cologne

Cologne is a kind of gift that you can gift a guy anytime because everyone loves them. Some might like mild fragrances while some might like strong ones. You can buy this refreshing cologne from nike and you can smell it on him all the time.

5 Coolest Valentines's Day gifts for you man!

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An exclusive shaving kit

For the man who appreciates a good home pampering shaving kit can be a great alternative gift to give instead of body care and other toolkits. Present him a branded shaving kit and he’ll feel the love.

5 Coolest Valentines's Day gifts for you man!

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Tada! So that’s it these are some coolest gifts you can present your boyfriend on the upcoming Valentine’s Day!


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