5 C’s for a healthy relationship


The recipe to a healthy relationship is often said to be lots of love, trust and a pinch of ups and downs together. But there is a lot more to it. A relationship between two people is like a child that has to be nurtured with the right values and brought up with great sense of affection and dedication. For a successful and happy relationship, both the people need to be sensitive and hardworking towards the bond that they share. There is no right way or algorithm to build the perfect relationship. Every relationship is different from the other and has it’s own highs and lows. What remains common are the ingredients to this lovely recipe, the 5 C’s!
1. COMPASSION: Two people together, should not only be affectionate towards each other. They ought to be compassionate for one another and feel each other’s emotions and feelings deeply. They must be able to put oneself in the shoes of another and then react to the situation. Feeling each other’s pain and happiness will knit them closer into a stronger bond.
2. COMPLAIN: Complaints in a relationship have to be carefully monitored in terms of quantity. Rare and sweet complaints made to your partner can potentially draw their attention towards you and brew up some special moments and quality time. However incessant complaining and cribbing about every little thing will deteriorate your relationship and make the situation worse only. Always try to put your words forth in a very calm and loving manner.


3. CONTACT: Contact is vital for any relationship. Eyes that contact well, understand each other the best and also understand the unsaid. Physical contact is also a important ingredient to build a healthy relationship. Cuddling, kissing and touching is believed to spice up a relationship and build a healthier bond.


4. CHALLENGE : Together you can overcome every obstacle and hardship. Trust each other the most and never let any challenge, decrease your love and faith on each other. Challenge yourself, that together, you can challenge every obstacle that challenges your relationship.


5. CELEBRATE : Celebrate your togetherness, celebrate each day and celebrate the love amidst you both. Only when you are happy about each other, the presence of each other in your lives, you will be able to manifest your love and your togetherness.


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