5 easy tips to take care of your lingerie



LADIES! We need to take care of our clothes, especially our inner wears in order to maintain their quality and life. Here are some important tips that you should take care of while handling your inner wears, specifically bras.


  1. Wear your bra in the first set of hooks :

    You should always wear your bra in the first set of hooks, the ones that are closest to the other side of band. This way you are letting the bra, be in it’s most easy and comfortable state. This will help you maintain its life and quality both.


  1. Do not wear a bra while sleeping :

    Many studies have proven that sleeping naked lets your body breathe well at night and detox the skin as well. Wearing a bra at night will not only kill your comfort but also cause your breast to cling to it in an improper manner. The stitching of bra may also get hampered. It’s better that you let free and enjoy a sound sleep.


  1. Never wash your bra in machine :

    Try to hand wash your bra. This helps it to be washed in a rigorous manner that yields effective cleaning. The more germ free your inner wear is, the more hygienic is your body. Try to wash your bra after every use and do not wash it in a washing machine. A machine has lots of cells in its cleaning drum that can often get the hooks stuck into it.


  1. Always dry your bra in sunlight :

    This tip follows for all your clothes including your inner wear. But your inner wear should be essentially dried up in sunlight. Sunlight is believed to kill germs in clothes and also keep the cloth quality intact. Hang your bras in a hanger and then let them dry in sunlight. This will also help you to make them odour free. Clothes that are dried at room temperature do not have a fresh fragrance when taken in use.


  1. Try to use a bra bag :

    These days we have many varieties of bra bags or holders available in market. Just buy yourself one. These bags help you keep the bras in shape and their architecture remains intact. You must never fold a bra and store it, as it disrupts its architecture. The bra bags keeps the cups in place and the band in proper position thereby maintaining its longevity and quality.








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