5 easy ways to show love to your parents

Parents love
Photo credit: Flickr/CC/bricolage.108


We all remember how we used to get agitated when our mom did not let us leave the dining table without finishing our meal. We all know how irritating our parents seemed when they kept lecturing us on studying all the time. Yes, we all have been raised by our over-emotional and at times highly intrusive parents who we could never understand until we had kids of our own.

There are times when we get so busy, we forget our parents even though they always made time for us. Sometimes, our reasons for not being there when they need us the most are purely genuine but there are many ways in which we can show them that we love them even when they are living miles away after we get married or leave for a new job.

Stay connected:

Be it a two minute skype conversation or a simple text, simply never let a day go without getting connected to them as they wait a whole day to get in touch with you. Sometimes, you are working on something extremely important and you cannot talk to your parents, you can simply ask your son or daughter who is busy playing games on his or her smartphone to talk to them on your behalf. It simply takes a minute to send them a picture and let them know you are thinking about them.

Order something for them:

We all can surely take ten minutes during our lunch break and order something for our parents. You must be well aware of their needs. I remember when my mom wanted a new massager; I ordered one online for her. She got it a few days later and was so happy that it really made me feel amazing. So, just order something for them and let them know that even though you are away from them, you remember what they need.


When they write you a letter, you must reply. Sometimes you will see that they will act like a baby and constantly ask the same question again and again. I humbly request you all here to be patient no matter what you are going through. Always respond to them with love. Sometimes, a simple reply can make their day. So, never forget to respond to them. After, all they are only concerned about your wellbeing.

Visit them often:

While it might not be possible all the time, we can still ensure that we visit them on their birthdays and during our holidays. Nothing will bring more joy to your parents than to see you and their grand children. You can also let your kids stay with them if you have to come early for some reason. Make sure that they have company whenever you can. Love them like they raised you. Remember all the sacrifices they made for you. Just be there with them as much as you can because regretting later on won’t do any good to you.