5 Most erotic kissing spots for the season!

5 Most erotic kissing spots for the season!

Winter it is; the season that abounds in love and romance, accompanied by a number of revelries and whole lot merriment to go with those.

So let us celebrate love in excess, in this season which lays the ground for us, over and over again, to fall in love.



When you’ve got guests at home, during the festive season and it’s too cold to go for a walk or stay out in the open air with your darling, just hop inside your car and go to someplace beautiful with her/him; someplace secluded, adorned with colourful lights; out of town, in the beach; anywhere. Stay there watching the splendour outside and enjoying the warmth, inside, while you kiss and cuddle with your love.


Rolling up, cuddling and snuggling into him, to counter the cold, I climb over; the utter bliss of his arms enfolding my body.

I don’t need the artificial warmers any longer when I have him around. I rid myself off those and burry myself in the warmth of his skin; lying in bed, we kiss and caress until sweat from his body penetrates my skin.


5 Most erotic kissing spots for the season!

A hot bath or a steamy shower, either of which are incredible choices when you want to defy the chills of winter.

Get inside the tub or under the shower with him. Lather him up, and brush your body against his, after. Enjoy the hot gush of water or the warm stillness of it while you make love to him.



This is for when you want to enjoy the season for what it is.

Either on the rooftop or into the wilderness; build a bonfire in the midst of a romantic set up; next to your swimming pool, in your backyard, on your roof or betwixt the beauty of nature.

Stand close to him, kiss and cherish each other, enjoying the effects of a passionate amalgamation of the warm and the cold.



5 Most erotic kissing spots for the season!

It’s an age old belief that if a woman stands under the Mistletoe, she calls for a kiss. For centuries people have identified the Mistletoe with the qualities of life, fertility and vivacity.

This identification draws itself from a myth which tells the story about how this plant brought back to life, a man who had died on being hit by an arrow made of this plant, which then was blessed by this man’s mother who promised every couple who passed under the Mistletoe, a kiss.

Enjoy the season with your love next to you. Kiss welcome to a new love affair or kiss goodbye to an old flame – choose what you may. But don’t forget to kiss in the chills.

Here’s a suggestion though: Kissing can take moisture away from your already parched lips in the winters. So you need to make sure to take care in replenishing your puckers with enough moisture after you kiss, to restore the soft and supple lips to maintain your lip’s health, for your next smooch!

Have fun!

Have you ever tried any of these? What do you think would be the ideal kissing spot/spots for the winters? We would be glad to have suggestions from you. Feel free to comment with your suggestions in the section below.



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