5 Factors that cause oily skin!

5 Factors that cause oily skin!

How many times have you silently put some extra coffee shop recycled brown napkins (like the ones you get in Starbucks) in your purse and used them later to soak up extra oil from your face? Once or twice-it’s totally forgivable but if it happens more than that, you know that you need to get started to find a long term solution. To find a solution, you’d have to dig out the reasons first. Have you really tried it all and are still not successful in getting rid of your oily face? Perhaps you are committing some silly mistakes that contribute to your skin’s oiliness. Here are a few things that you might be doing by mistake or have got naturally that add to your skin troubles.


Over-cleaning your skin

5 Factors that cause oily skin!

Cleansing is an important part of the daily beauty regime but overdoing it will in turn strip your skin of its natural fatty acids. As a result, the sebaceous glands present in your skin will try to balance things out and produce more oil than what is necessary, making your skin greasy and shiny. Use a gentle cleanser that leaves a soothing effect on your skin. Don’t rub your face too vigorously, instead, slowly pat it dry.


Consuming too much dairy products

5 Factors that cause oily skin!

Oily, fried, junk foods have always been topping in the list of culprits behind making your skin oily. But did you know that dairy foods can be equally guilty too? Such products contain natural hormones that are great at clogging your pores and making your skin prone to breakouts. Moreover, they contain sugars which increase your glycemic index and induce your glands to produce more oil. Cut down on your dairy food intake to make your face look less greasy.


Your body’s hormonal changes


Have you ever noticed the sudden oily and greasy feel in your skin and hair at a particular time of every month? Your menstrual cycle has a lot to do with the sudden increase or decrease in the activity of your oil glands. Observe your monthly cycle and how your skin reacts to it. Once you know at what time your skin is most likely to explode with tons of oil, switch to a beauty regime that balances the oil out and also carry some blotting papers with you wherever you go. It will help for sure.


Improper makeup products

5 Factors that cause oily skin!

This is something we’ve given you a lot of information about through our previous articles as well. Remember that whatever you’re slathering on your face will either be absorbed by your skin pores or remain there as a layer itself. In both ways, it’s not at all okay if the product is not right. As long as it’s light and gentle on your skin, it’s permissible. If it feels heavy, it indicates that your skin is struggling to breathe. That’s what makes your face oilier and shinier.


Your genes


Time to blame your mom and your grandma, the genetic factor strikes again. Perhaps your genetic makeup is destined to induce your glands to produce more oils or you may have more glands than any other normal person. But hey! It doesn’t make you abnormal at all. The piles of cosmetics stacked in the stores and a number of natural ingredients placed in your kitchen are always there for your rescue.


So girls, keep an eye on the above mentioned factors so that you can get to know where you went wrong in following an oil-free beauty regime. Deal with these reasons and a healthy, non-greasy skin won’t be far away.

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