5 Fallacies linked to Hair


Whether you have a trendy pixie or Rapunzel’s braid, your hair growth should remain healthier. For this, you need to segregate hair fallacies from the facts so as to concentrate on important things that are actually helping to make your hair look better and well-groomed.

Prior to spending time, money and energies on a harebrained scheme for longer, stronger and healthier hair, get yourself rid of below listed 5 fallacies linked to hair


1.    The more you brush, hair will grow healthier:

Excessive brushing can never help our hair grow healthy and brings more harm than good. According to hair experts, too much brushing actually leads to more wear and tear, and can damage hair’s protective outer layer-the cuticle.

Leave your hair alone until it becomes knotty and actually needs to be brushed. To avoid hair damage and loss of luster, the best way is to brush only when it’s necessary and use smooth plastic or wood combs in place of bristle brushes.

2.    Fish oil excites the hair growth:

It’s another wrong notion that many people believe in. Scientific studies reveal that deficiency of fatty acids can lead to hair loss. Omega-6 is significantly found fatty acid in fish oil and it’s enough intake in routine diet helps to dodge hair loss. But, it never help to stimulate the hair growth.

For hair growth, you need protein rich food and not the fish oil that’s for hair loss control.

  3.    If you stress, your hair will go grey overnight:

What a magic dude, I am highly impressed. Why don’t our hair go for the color of our choice as we spend the happier days too?

Stress might cause early greying and hair loss but not the sudden change of color that’s originally developed from your hair root.

4.    Frequent hair trimming makes it grow fast:

Hair naturally grows with pointed tips and by cutting the ends, hair will look thicker but it does not affect the growth process. Frayed hair cause breakage but when you cut them off your hair starts to appear fuller.

Eliminating the split ends, after every month or two, ensures damage-free hair. Trimming is the secret to add volume and health to your hair. To stimulate the hair growth, you need to focus on a well-balanced diet filled with protein.

5.    Pull out one grey hair and two will grow in return:

Now, this is really absurd. How come plucking the one, can grow two in its place. One hair shaft means only one hair fibre can grow.

Premature greying is something else and you cannot blame plucking the grey hair. Excessive removal of silver strands will make your hair weaker and in an intense situation, they might not grow back. Celebrate the grey as it start all over, usually with the aging, or else you can add the color of your choice.


6.    Hair coloring decelerates the growth process:

I wonder how? We must admit that by colouring, hair strands plump up and the locks appear thicker. True that bleaching for blond look or highlighting is not a healthy move because your hair will become more prone to breakage as strands will get thinner.

But as long as hair is going darker, it is all fine to color them and it will not slow down the hair growth. I love using ‘Mehndi/Henna’ as hair color (Hey! I have no silver strands yet), just because it gives me a cool feel that no other hair treatment or colouring can ever furnish.



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