5 Habits for a positive life!

5 Habits for a positive life!

Every one of us wants to live a happy and a positive life but apparently we all fail to practice being positive. Positivity does not come only by external influences but also by practicing some good habits in our personal lives to be happy.



We all know that meditation is a very common practice that is encouraged by many physicians all over the world. The question is, do we actually do it? Well, not everyone does it. Meditation has many beneficial outcomes such as controls anger, eliminates anxiety, improves concentration, cultivates patience and ultimately gives a very healthy mind which is the fundamental requirement to be positive. Practice meditation for a healthy mind and body.


Greet with a smile

5 Habits for a positive life!

We meet a lot of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, families and even strangers every single day. We greet some with a smile and some we don’t. Regardless of who the person is or what situation you face, try to share a smile with them. In this busy fast paced environment where everyone is running for a job, relationship and money sharing a smile will be very helpful to make your day positive as well for the other person.


Give compliments

When someone says “You look pretty today” or “Your hair is perfect” or “You have a good smile”, doesn’t it make us happy? We then thank them with a wholehearted smile. So is the same when we do it for others. It not only makes them happy but also makes us feel great. Start complimenting from today starting from your parents, friends and everyone you know. This will make your day and life very positive.


Stop complaining

5 Habits for a positive life!

We always have the habit of grasping negative things faster and start complaining about even a teeny issue. Before you start complaining and whining about your life, just sit back and be grateful for the very small things you have because everyone has what you do.

  • Do you complain about acne? Think about acid victims.
  • Do you complain about thin hair? Think about women cancer patients who had lost their hair completely.
  • Do you complain not having a fancy house? Think about children’s who are running out for shelter in the war zones.
  • Do you complain about your job? Think about physically challenged people who work hard for a living.
  • Do you complain not being loved? Think about orphans who have never experienced the love from a parent.


Distance bad vibes

5 Habits for a positive life!

Bad vibes come from situations, people, media, thoughts and anything that is distressing. Never let yourself do something that makes you feel down. It may come from hanging around with negative friends, watching an unpleasant tv show, thinking of something miserable which will certainly lead your mind to the negative bubble. The best way to avoid this is to distance yourself from all of it. Negative friends? Stay away. Bad show? Stop watching. Deep thinking? Engage in your favourite hobby. Yes, I know it is very hard at first but if you keep on practising this, you will evidently start feeling the difference.


I have listed down some books for a better perspective towards positivity.

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5 Habits for a positive life!


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5 Habits for a positive life!


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5 Habits for a positive life!


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