5 Habits that will bring your partner closer to you

Ever wondered what successful couples do to have a great bond? The secrets of a happy relationship aren’t that difficult to tread on. It is in fact much simpler than you think. It is only a set of good habits that will re-instil the love that you have for each other. Trust and understanding are built on these daily habits that you should practice every day. These habits might seem too insignificant at the start but you will be surprised at their effectiveness in bringing your partner closer to you each day:


Sharing their interests with each other:


Great couples not only stand by each other but also make it a point to spend some time away from each other. It is important that you pursue your hobbies and goals just as much as you would like to have your relationship flourish. When you are independent enough in your life and are busy when in your respective domains, you also carry back home experiences and understandings that you can share and enrich each other with. How long can you indulge in romance? There has to be something that feeds your relationship other than that.


Appreciating each other


You never know what a small “thank you” can mean for your partner. As your relationship matures, you tend to forget how important it is to be grateful for what your partner selflessly does for you. Appreciation is a great way of showing what your partner means to you.


If your partner helps you out in difficult circumstances or does the impossible, you should try doing something nice to show your gratefulness. This is not to say that a relationship is a two-way process. Rather you need to realise that everyone deserves kindness and so does your partner.


Just letting it be at times

5 Habits that will bring your partner closer to you

You need to understand that people have hard times every day. Your partner may not choose to tell that to you all the time. He or she may have trouble in the work place or something in the social circle might be bothering his/her peace of mind. Just let them vent it out. Let them get their frustration on the surface instead of asking them to just shut it and make them suffer.


Just listen may be. That could be all your partner is looking for. Be understanding and let them deal with the stress the way they like. You can only try and offer some help. Be calm and if you cannot help don’t worsen it. Make sure they understand that you are there and you are not leaving their side. This will give them enough strength to deal with the issue. This will bring you closer to your partner for will realise that no matter what, you have their back.


Take the initiative


Taking the first step is always the best. This goes for both the people in the relationship. Don’t wait for the other person to do something. rather show that you care. That you do so selflessly. Arrange for a family get together when you can have him to yourself for the day, convince him to go out on a date, pamper him with gifts, surprise him in the bedroom with something kinky, if he loves cakes go learn how to bake. These are the few things that you could to have your partner get closer to you. You can have your own set of gestures when you know what he likes. Don’t wait for the right time. Do it now.



Accept each other the way they are

 5 Habits that will bring your partner closer to you

Instead of trying to make them fit into your idea of being perfect, make them see perfection in their imperfections. That is what a partner should do. There is no point trying to change them because it will only be momentary. In fact changes may lead to accumulation of frustration and resentment. If you constantly harp on changes this would mean that you aren’t happy with them. Instead of bringing you closer, it will make your partner withdraw. This is because he/ she will feel like you see their imperfections more than their perfections. If you want changes make sure you know how to place your concerns right instead of forcing it on your partner. Even if you want the best for your partner, you should be careful about not hurting them in the process.


You don’t need to spend a lot to do these. Neither is this rocket science. Be a little more humane and you will see how miraculously your relationship will transform. It is easier to hold on to the painful memories. Make sure you are compassionate and you bring in more happiness in the relationship. This will always keep you closer to your partner.


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