Hacks to save the last breath of your cosmetics

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Women love their stuff! They adore their jewellery, their favourite dresses, the evergreen pair of flats and almost everything they own! Exactly in the same manner, they lure their cosmetics! Cosmetics are women’s best friends. Yes! They are even more precious than those sparkling diamonds that are believed to woo any women’s heart at once.

Women tend to carry some of their must have cosmetics with then while they are out for work or a shopping spree. Owing to their busy schedules, they usually can’t keep track of when their cosmetics are going to give up. So, what if you are relying on the last minute touch-up for a party after office?? And, you find your kohl’s just breathing some of it’s last breath!

Here are some hacks for women who absolutely adore their make-up stuff and will want to make them work, like forever!

1.  For the last drops of your favourite shade of nailpaint

OK! So you find your nail paint in a terminal condition! and all you want is, to paint them in the same color.

HACK : Rush! Rush to your store room. Just fetch the bottle of thinner. Add 6-10 drops depending on the volume of nail paint left. Shake the bottle well! and Voila save the day!

2.  Cut the tubes to life

We tend to purchase cosmetics that come in tubes because they are handy and easily portable. Always use then to the optimum. Know how!

HACK: You absolutely love your moisturizer tube! Don’t you! And you can’t step out without it! But it just got over? Just grab the scissors on shelf and cut it through the mid. And take out the left over material. You realise that you still are left with a lot of your favourite moisturiser!

  1.  KOHL-LOVE!

When your kohl pencil is going to give up.

HACK: Borrow a lighter from your male friend! Alternatively, just arrange a flame. Hold your kohl pencil into the flame for two seconds and let it cool for around 20 seconds. It turns into a superb consistency gel liner. You can use it as a gel eye liner even.

  1. Hack and conceal !

The most likeable shade of foundation is going to bid adieu! You are excessively fond of it and you want to make the most of it.

HACK: Carefully, spill little amount of face powder on the middle of your palm. Mix it with the last drops of your foundation! Here’s a new found, perfectly matching concealer for your skin tone! You can also mix your moisturizer with the little foundation left over with you. This will act as a tinted moisturizer and give your skin the perfect sheen.

  1. Liven up your Mascara dip

Because you can’t live without those curly eyelashes!

HACK: Saline water. Yes add some drops of saline water to your mascara dip bottle. And wooohoooo! It’s ready to use again! Even if your mascara has become flaky or dry, you can just add saline water and revive the liquidity of the product.