5 Healthy and Effective ways to conquer Emotional Trauma!

When we hear the term ‘injury’, what instantly comes to your mind? A wound on the knee or a fractured hand or anything that is physically hurtful, right?  But injuries can be emotional as well then why is it that we never associate with it? It is because we do not even consider our emotional state to be injured or fractured.  The point I’m trying to make here is that our entire concentration is always upon the physical injuries. We human never ponder on the emotional side of us that can be terribly hurt and deteriorating us from inside and interrupting our daily functionalities. But on the other hand, we all have been through the emotional pain and lows and we all know that it equally hurts. This article is dedicated to all the people who are going through an emotional trauma and are finding it very hard to cope with it. This is to show that we care and we understand that emotional trauma can be as killing as any physical injury. Following are ways that you need to adopt in your life to overcome emotional trauma and get moving in life.

5 Healthy and Effective ways to conquer Emotional Trauma!

  1. Reward yourself with Self-care

5 Healthy and Effective ways to conquer Emotional Trauma!

One of the dominant reasons why we go through an emotional trauma is because we forget to prioritize self-care in life. We are so busy making other people happy, that we start enjoying our sacrifices and begin creating a hollow space for ourselves. We land up in that hollow space when the other party withdraws from our life and pays no heed to your existence. Well! This is just one way you ruin your existence, there can be several. You must have seen some people always planning things for themselves and even if it causes a little pain to others, they don’t really care. It is not always selfishness. It could be self-care. They know they need to value themselves and hence, they look out for ways that bring them happiness. If the emotional trauma is too big,  then you should consider a counseling or group therapy. A weekend getaway is a wonderful option to  refresh your mind too.


  1. Be Thankful

5 Healthy and Effective ways to conquer Emotional Trauma!

You might think that this is an awful suggestion when everything in your life is upside down and appears nothing like what you want. But believe me, having gratitude for what you have erases half of the problem. I am not advising that you look at big things or make peace with your tragedies, all at once. What I mean is you begin with small things. For instance, while having your morning coffee, say thank you. Likewise, show gratitude to the little things that make your life a bit easier.


  1. Don’t Stress Your Body


The most common mistake that adds on to the adversity is that people put their bodies under torture when they are emotionally slipped. Do you think that its fair? Why trouble your body in which you live in? Treat your body with respect. Not sleeping properly and staying dehydrated are ways you are putting your body under test. Eventually, it will fail and not feeling healthy will only add to the emotional trauma as you will begin thinking that even your body is not supporting you at such a low. But the fact is that it is you who should be supporting the body. So exercise and eat healthy no matter what.


  1. Connect with people

5 Healthy and Effective ways to conquer Emotional Trauma!

Loneliness can be really bad at this time. You should find groups that comprises of people who have been through the same problem as you. I’m sure you are not the only person going through this. There will be people who may need your company just as you do. This will help you enter a space where you don’t feel alone and gradually, you’ll see that your attitude towards your problem will become light. On the other hand, you should make it a point that people who have hurt you are aware that you are hurt because of them. Use extremely kind words and a calm tone and communicate your worries with them. Whether they have positive or negative reaction to you, you should let them know.


  1. Pen and Paper Magic

The history has been witness to the fact that there is no force stronger in this world than a pen and a piece of paper together. Well! I am not asking you to turn into an author and try changing the world but this small effort can definitely bring a magnitude of change in your life. Write down whatever is bothering you and if you want, write your story. How this works is that your problems will be shifted to the piece of paper and you will not have it accumulated in your mind. It will begin to stop affecting you day by day as they would have found a new home by then.


So, these were five different ways in which you can regain the emotional stability and start venturing into new and positive things in life. Emotional trauma is a common problem and almost everyone goes through it. It is generally not perceived as a problem as it is not visible but it certainly is a major concern.


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