5 Healthy ways in which confident people date

Dating is great when you can balance everything out keeping in mind that your self-respect should be the most important thing to you, no matter how weak you feel before a guy. That is always how healthy confident dates take place where you might become vulnerable with regard to your feelings but you still value your worth more than anything that happens with this person. Confidence has always been sexy. There is no point complaining, begging and sulking when it come to relationships. That is not just a serious mood killer but also an unhealthy relationship which will never have any stability. Unless you are confident and content in your own self, you will never be able to keep the other person happy which will ultimately cause your relationship to crash. Here are a few things you should learn in order to have better and confident dates.

5 Healthy ways in which confident people date

They don’t doubt if they are capable of love


Confident women are well aware of who they are and what they deserve. They don’t place their worth in the hands of a man and hence don’t seek validity of a man to realise if they are capable of the highest form of love. They have trust in the way they are capable of loving and know that the right person will see that. So, even when the guy isn’t really sure, they still see clarity because they know how to decide on circumstances when things go against their sense of respect. While they are ready to give it their all, they will also be capable of saving themselves. That is how they take chances with people and are always in a better position to give their 100 percent to people who deserve it the most.


They couldn’t care less if things didn’t work


When people are insecure, they constantly worry about how things are going to be and how they should try and fit in so that people like them. Those who date confidently, know that they are unique and they are to be loved the way they are. They won’t try and become what the other person wants them to be. So, if things fall out, they will take refuge in the fact that they were honest and could never become anyone other than who they are. They want people to like them as they are. That is an immense satisfaction which helps you get along with even those who you think are beyond your league. Such an attitude a huge turn on for people who are looking for confident women.


Confident people know their limits

5 Healthy ways in which confident people date

They know that no matter how their relationships turn out to be, they need to be in control of their lives and won’t really do anything reckless to lose their mind. They are very much grounded about their reality which is why they are always smart choosers about the kind of people they want to be with. Their priorities are so fixed that they won’t do anything that’s below what they think they deserve. If you are insecure and have no boundaries about how you would like to conduct yourself, you will often end you putting up with trashy behaviour of a man or anyone else for that matter. So, confident people know their boundaries well and anything beyond that which is capable of hurting them, will push them away.


They are at peace with themselves


Confident people don’t stay in a constant state of anxiety over what is going to happen. Unlike insecure women, they will do what they feel fits their sense of logic and will never regret the decisions that they took to save their heart or to do things for people that they love. They are risk takers because of the confidence that they have in themselves and hence don’t bother what people think about them. Insecure people have a sense of dependency which is toxic. They are always trying to control things according to their suitability which is why they are never at peace when they are dating.


They act responsibly


Confident people know what they are made up of. They don’t really need to beat around the bush and convince people of their worth. They would rather stay quiet about their achievements than convince people that they are worth the attention they need. They take responsibility for not just their actions but also their emotions. That is why they never find it necessary to blame people when things don’t happen as expected. They take full responsibility for what they want and not what others would do for them.

When you are low in confidence, you tend to surrender yourself to bad relationships. This decimates whatever little worth you attach to yourself. So, once the relationships breaks away, you lose it all.


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