5 Hot Spots for Solo Women Travelers

iStock_000013809433SmallIn the West, it is quite a common sight to see girls and women backpacking alone; but here in India, the scenario is not the same. As the society here still clings to the Victorian morals and values, the idea of women travelling alone is still not considered wonderful or gets appreciated by many. Still, there are women who are breaking stereotypes and backpacking across the country. So, here, for all the solo women travelers and the aspiring ones, the best 5 solo travel destinations in India.


  1. HampiVoted to be the safest and best place for solo women travelers in online forums and polls, Hampi of Anegundi, Karnataka tops the chart for its hospitable people and environment. Set on the bank of the historical river, Tungabhadra, Hampi is a land of bewitching ruins of the ancient Vijayanagara Empire. Even as a variety of people roam around this UNESCO world heritage site, you will never feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. You can watch the sunset from the hill and take a stroll down the village roads in the evening; nobody is going to stalk you.


  1. UdaipurThe idea of visiting Rajasthan alone can terrify people, but you may consider Udaipur and Mount Abu as exceptions. The hospitable and helpful locals always open their doors to the tourists, even if to a solo woman traveler. You will find lots of homestays and hotels which make no fuss for a single lady occupant. Similarly, Mount Abu offers you the liberty to roam around freely and explore the Achalgarh Fort, the lake, Diwara Shrine etc.


  1. Mussoorie: Apart from its picturesque beauty and brilliant weather, the “Queen of hills” in Uttarakhand is a first choice for solo female tourists who are deeply in love with hilly areas. This sister state of Shimla is so full of liveliness and buzz around that it’s hard to feel lonely. The cafes and restaurants, the tourist hot spots are sure to fill your heart with overflowing joy making you forget that actually you are staying by yourself.


  1. Orchha: Being alone in a moonlit night watching the Jahangir Mahal getting drenched in the moon beams is actually priceless. So is the experience of watching the light and sound show at Sheesh Mahal in a pitch dark night for which you have to walk up straight from Ram Raj temple. Hopefully, you can experience both without bothering about your being-solo status. It is soon becoming an absolutely friendly weekend destination for many solo women voyagers.


  1. Sikkim: The sheer beauty of these Seven Sisters State is so hard to resist that thousands of tourists go back there every year. Sikkim tops the chart for being easily connected and its vastness. From frozen lake, snowcapped peaks to green valleys, Sikkim has every variety you need. And, on top of that, the warm-hearted Sikkimmese people will do their best to make a single lady’s visit to their state the most comfortable one.


So if you are wondering where to go alone, pack your bag and leave NOW!


by Durba