5 Instances when “being yourself” is not a good idea!

“Be yourself.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this advice in my life. Everyone reading this would also agree that it is the most common advice given by friends and family. But I am here to tell you that it is not always good to be yourself. Yes, sometimes ‘be yourself’ can be the worst advice given to you no matter how much the person means well. Before you start nodding your head and negating my claim completely, let me give you some cases where being yourself won’t get you anywhere.
5 Instances when "being yourself" is not a good idea!


You have anger issues

You are someone who gets pissed very quickly and in the anger forget everything. You tend to hurt your loved ones when you are angry. Sometimes you lose it and get into fights at bars and restaurants. My advice, you have to stop being yourself and get help to fix that anger. Understand that anger doesn’t make you a bad person if you can control it. And there are so many ways to learn to control it. This way you will change for the good. So don’t be yourself if you have anger issues.

You are unhealthy

5 Instances when "being yourself" is not a good idea!
Before anyone calls me a fat shamer please read the complete article. I am not saying you have to be a gym freak but if you have no respect for your body and treat it like a dump, it will reflect on your body. Being unhealthy simply means not taking care of your health. And if you are someone who eats junk all the time, smokes and drinks almost all the time or just are a bundle of unhealthy habits; being yourself is the worst excuse to ruin your health. Rather you can try changing your habits and see your life change for the better. Stop being yourself.

You are unhygienic

You know the first step to being healthy is hygiene. It includes both personal and the place you call home. If you are one of those who thinks cutting nails shouldn’t be mandatory unless they cause you trouble or wearing the same t-shirt till the time it stinks is not a bad idea. You need to understand that it is. Not because I want to stop you from living your life. But because these habits can cost you your health. You will fall sick quite frequently and honestly, people don’t like to spend time with someone unhygienic. So stop being yourself because it’s not good for you.

You are lazy

5 Instances when "being yourself" is not a good idea!
I am living my life at my own pace is not a good excuse to support your laziness. People use this excuse to not to get a job, to not to go to work and many other reasons. But you have to understand that there’s a difference between leading your life and being lazy. Sitting on the couch watching television won’t help you get you a job. Surfing the internet all day for tips to reduce weight won’t do it. You have to take actions for it. So, if you are too lazy don’t hide behind excuses; change.

You lack empathy

5 Instances when "being yourself" is not a good idea!
If you are even a little aware of the worldwide news you’ll know that it’s a cruel world out there. But why are humans so hateful and cruel to each other? It’s because they lack empathy. Well, you can’t change everyone but if you are someone who’ll do anything to get the next promotion or light firecrackers tied to stray dogs; you need to start from yourself. Learn a little empathy towards plants, animals, and humans. Being yourself is what is causing all this problem around the world. Think about it, would you like to be Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau (avoiding the looks). Guessing your answer it’s because he is empathetic. So change, be good, be kind.
So this time think whether changing would be good for you or not. And if the answer is yes don’t hesitate to do it. If I missed something please do add it in the comments.



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