5 Kinds of toxic friends

5 Kinds of toxic friends

The love that comes from your friends forms the backbone of your happy life. True friendship feels great and is empowering. It is also said that true friendships add years to a man’s life. On the contrary, it is also believed that fake friendships or namesake friendships can be detrimental for a man’s state of mental peace and harmony.

A toxic friend can also be termed as a ‘frenemy’.

At times, we meet wrong people and make wrong friends. These people are unpredictable and potentially very destructive for our sane existence. They might seem supportive at times but contrarily act and levy against our interests. This causes mental and physical stress to us and therefore, it becomes very important to leave them as distancing away from them remains the only rational choice.

Here are the kinds of friends you need to give farewell to:

  • The RIVAL Friend

5 Kinds of toxic friends

Often most good friendships evolve by competition and jealousy but it is also true that most good friendships rip to pieces owing to these two factors. If you have a friend and you tend to develop differences with him/her in situations where you get appraisal or attain progress (at work, personal life or may be at looks), then it is time to understand that he/she is not a friend but a frenemy. It might not be about you but his/her insecurities that shoot in such differences between you but unfortunately it is not apt for your well-being.

  • The BEST-STRANGER-Friend

5 Kinds of toxic friends

This one is particularly about childhood best friends. Often childhood friendships bloom into stable and reliable bonds but sometimes childhood friendships can turn sour in adulthood. Your childhood best friend has changed and is a completely different personality now. You cannot associate with his/her strangeness. Chances are that you might have changed too over the course of time and now you two possess two different personas. If you think you are unhappy and always pretentious around him/her, perhaps it is time to let go. Reassess whether the golden memories are enough to keep the bond alive and then decide.


5 Kinds of toxic friends

These are friends who are bad for you mental and physical well-being. Even though you like chilling around them but if you think their friendship is dragging you into addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs, then it’s time to knock them out of your life.

Also, if the reason why they are addicts because of depression and childhood or family issues, then remember that it is a disorder and you can easily catch hold of the same. Reason is that studies have repeatedly shown that a negative and depressed person could make you feel the same way. You will obviously feel a little guilty to leave them but don’t forget first you have to help yourself to help others.

  • The Dark-HEARTED Friend

5 Kinds of toxic friends

If you have a friend that feels that it is his/her job to make you feel hopeless and sad by passing rude and cruel comments, then it is time you say ta-ta to them. Such friends are cruel and respond to you like an enemy. They try imposing their superiority over you and constantly make you feel that they are far better and above you. If you feel that with such friends you do not need enemies, then make the brave choice and break the bond immediately!


5 Kinds of toxic friends

You can also call them the ‘greedy friends’. They are very common. They are only there with you because you fulfil their selfish motives and they only show up to you when they are in need of something. They will never get out of their comfort zone to help you out and will always have excuses if you ask for support. They eye on the materialistic advantages they have from you and therefore, stick around. Don’t think twice and just kick them out of your life.


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