5 lessons to teach your daughter before she enters her college life

5 lessons to teach your daughter before she enters her college life

College life can be the most eventful phase of your daughter’s life. It is time for her to bid adieu to the cloistered world she was living in. Stepping out of her comfort zone can be a daunting task but it is a wonderful journey that will help her emerge stronger. Your daughter, however, needs a lot of emotional support to face the trials and tribulations she will go through. Facing the real world is not easy but with these five lessons can help her tide over any adversity.


  • Choose the right company

5 lessons to teach your daughter before she enters her college life

College friends stay with you for the entire lifetime. They know your deep secrets, are aware of your vulnerabilities. It is good to have friends with whom one can share life’s happiness and sorrows. The picture, however, is not very rosy. College life can be a nightmarish experience for students who fall into bad company. It is not unusual to find students trying alcohol and smoking to wear the bejeweled crown of coolness. Peer pressure can make one lose one’s sanity and make wrong decisions in haste. Teach your daughter to be cautious of people she spends time with. Talk to her about your own college experiences and how being in the wrong company spoils one’s life forever. Emulating the positive aspects of everyone that she meets is the best way to sail through. Therefore, there must be a sense of maturity and equanimity with which she chooses her friends.


  • Not forgetting one’s values

5 lessons to teach your daughter before she enters her college life

College life is synonymous with new found freedom. The idea of taking charge of one’s life is very exciting. The journey is full of choices which one has to make very wisely. Teach your daughter to never compromise on her values while making those choices. “Simple living and high thinking “is a mantra that works. Having fun is important but belittling everything else as unimportant can land her in trouble.


  • To be aware of her goals

Setting goals is important to climb the ladder of success. Teach your daughter that college life is just a part of the larger picture that God has created for her. Getting too much absorbed in the new world can deviate her from the right path. Every wrong step can take her away from the goals she has set for herself. She is free to experiment with her life the way she wants but keeping track of her aspirations and slogging day and night to materialize those dreams should be her priority.


  • Not spend recklessly

5 lessons to teach your daughter before she enters her college life

Late night parties, bunking classes, snazzy dresses and like-minded friends! College life appears to be a fairy tale to many girls. Refrain from giving in to her demands of raising her pocket money. Maker her understand the value of money and how important it is to be financially secure. Help her prepare a budget once the month commences. She will learn to manage her funds herself and surprise you with her money saving strategies. Ask her to return with a written account of all the expenditure that she did. You obviously wouldn’t want her to become a spendthrift, do you?


  • Lead a balanced life

You are proud of raising a wonderful daughter. Aren’t you? Now it is time to teach her the correct meaning of success. College life shouldn’t spoil her by playing havoc with all the good habits she had imbibed over the years. Reinforce the idea of waking up early, exercising regularly, eating right, reading good books and respecting everyone. Earning money shouldn’t be her sole aim in life. Leading a balanced life is the secret to happiness.


These lessons will go a long way in making your daughter a sensible empowered woman capable of proving her mettle in every sphere of life.



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