5 Love elements that will enhance your relationship!

From the nervousness of the first date to the excitement for the first kiss, you’ve had it all. You have admired his cute smiles and enjoyed his edgy look. You slowly found yourself deeply in love with him and had him feel the same. Well, by now you have lived from the perfectly planned but messed up dates to his snoring in the bed. You have fallen for some of his habits and adjusted to the rest. You would love walking down the aisle for him. And you would do anything to develop the relation further. So, here are the 5 elements of love that will help you enhance your relationship.



All the emotions that we women express are always interconnected and so,  one will never find the true reason for a particular reaction. Similarly, we always respect the person we love and care for. There might be issues that you can handle better than your partner but you always listen to the inputs he has, just because you respect their opinion. Over a period of time, the magic portion of love might lose its power but the respect for your partner will never let you down the wrong path. You should respect his thoughts, opinion, beliefs, choices and decisions because he is an individual with different perspectives and goals to achieve. The respect for each other will become a reason to look up to the partner. Your respect for him will increase his love for you.



This is the same guy you feel in love with! Don’t let a mere message or a call from another woman put your entire relationship on hold. Trust him with the women because only your trust and love will stop him from doing anything wrong. Jealousy is just your assumption of things happening around and not the truth. You have won his love and respect so, you don’t have to worry about the others. Don’t let your insecurities destroy your relationship.



Sex matters a lot more than people think in a relationship. Comparatively, couples with unresolved issues tend to have less sex and move to none over a period of time. Sex is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with him. It helps in removing the stress between you two and eases the moment on a right approach. Sex builds a new bridge between the two individuals to express their true feelings. So, don’t ignore sex and push it aside.



We all expect things from our partners at one point or the other in our life and sometimes we end up with a sad note because the expectations weren’t met. One of the common example for this would be you expecting him to stop his and be sympathetic because you had a rough day, isn’t it a little too much to ask. He will support and listen to everything that you say but you need to make sure it isn’t at his expenses. Place yourself in his shoes before expecting something so demanding from him. Build a relationship that is realistic with no space for misunderstanding and disappointment.



The best sign of a healthy relationship are the fights. You only fight with him because you don’t agree with his decision or behavior and also because you care about him. You must have lost the count of your fights with him but I am sure you will agree that every fight of yours would have resulted in something good for both of you. Be ready to fight if you think that he is taking a wrong step. But, don’t forget it is equally important for you to forgive him for his mistakes. Don’t hold on to his small mistakes because they might become foundations for future problems and an obstacle on your path of happiness. Forgiving might not make you the bigger person but it will surely help you develop your relationship. Don’t forget to forgive him before you start another fight. The only thing that will be constant in your relationship will be him and you.


So, let the changes in the relationship and his behavior be an opportunity to explore rather than a challenge to deal with.   Your relationship awaits a lot more for you, so stay strong and hold his hand tightly because you will only enjoy the ride of the roller coaster with him by your side.