5 Mistakes you are making while trying to attract men!

Are you trying to attract men but going wrong all the time? Are you constantly wondering what to do to get men easily attracted to you? Men and women are differently built. Not just that, we think differently, we act differently. This creates all the confusion about what the opposite sex might be expecting from us. Just because you like something, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other sex might like it as well. The initial spark is always the most important when it comes to having someone in your life. If you go wrong there, there are slim chances of the opposite sex taking an interest in knowing you and taking the relationship forward.


Unlike women, men tend to make quick decisions. Even if that might sound very shallow right now, it is a fact that you have to accept. Like it or not, this is the way men behave when it comes to finding true love. This is not to imply that they care the least about the person you are and decide on the basis of your physical appearance only, rather they analyse other aspects as well. However, the initial reaction is all that matters.


Exerting on the sexual side way too much


You may have multiple partners and have had sex too many times. All good till that’s a thing you keep personal until you hit it off well with this man and then talk about that later. However, if you keep stressing on sexual aspects way too much, it will make this guy think like you are way too available for any man. This is not something that works well with men in general. At the initial stage, keep your sexual adventures all to yourself. You need not make your sexual preferences very obvious at the onset.

Keeping too many guys on hold

 5 Mistakes you are making while trying to attract men!

This is something that people tend to do when they meet prospects on a dating platform and they are spoilt for choices. Online dating or not, don’t get too tempted to have all at once. This is not a great way to make others jealous of the demand that you enjoy. It actually makes you just a girl who only wishes to enjoy the ride with everyone and who doesn’t want any commitment. If you like someone, stick to him. Show your interest. If you randomly go around you will only prove your disinterest towards him. This won’t attract him towards you. Rather he will be repelled. What he will truly enjoy is the exclusivity.


Being overly serious

 5 Mistakes you are making while trying to attract men!

Okay, so you have met this guy and you quickly jump to the problems of your life and also dig into his past and family affairs. Do you think that is cool? NO! Keep it casual. You have just met him! You shouldn’t even be remotely close to asking him personal questions right at the first meet. Talk about his hobbies, his likes and dislikes, the places he has travelled, his career, and so on and so forth. Anything negative and serious will cause misunderstandings. So, you better try and avoid it at all costs. Let him tell you things when he deems it fit. There are always limits to dating. Unless you are in an exclusive relationship, it is better you demarcate a boundary.


Hiding your assets


Wear something that you feel makes you attractive. If you have been complimented for your smile previously, then smile more often. If there is anything that you are confident of and can flaunt it without being too loud about it, then you should definitely highlight your assets. Don’t just do something and pretend to be comfortable when you are not. He will instantly notice and label you a wannabe.


Lack of confidence


Confidence is the best quality you could have. Being insecure makes you unattractive. Men are attracted to women who speak well, who know what they are talking about. If you just go over the top to show off and exaggerate your achievements, it will be a great turnoff. Don’t try too hard to look good as well. Keep it simple. Keep it natural. Make sure whatever you wear and the manner in which you speak reflects your true persona. Being pretentious should be the last thing on your agenda when you wish to woo men. Sooner or later you will be caught. So, it would be great if you could stick to being yourself and be confident about it.


Men aren’t too complicated like we understand them to be. There are certain rules that you should follow when you are trying to woo them. Stick to these and you will find it easier to attract men wherever you go. If you have other ideas in mind let us know in the comments section below! Happy Dating!