5 Myths about domestic violence busted!

5 Myths about domestic violence busted!

Marriage, across the world, is perceived as a sacred institution wherein two people come together to spend their entire life with each other. Marriage is a continuous development and is made successful only when both the partners work towards enhancing their relationship. Things are, however, not so rosy in the real world. The question of domestic violence hangs over us like a dark cloud. The following are five common myths about domestic violence that need to be addressed.


  • Domestic violence is specific to poor families

Remember the moment when you saw your maid’s bruises and assumed that such brutal practices take place in poor families only where women are taught to keep mum? It is time to face the reality. Domestic violence is prevalent in urban families as well. Your friend who works in the same office as you might also be a victim of it. Hiding those scars with foundation is very easy. Domestic violence is no way related to how rich or poor one is. It is a very common practice of subjugating a particular person through force.


  • Domestic violence is physical in nature.

5 Myths about domestic violence busted!

Don’t get fooled by someone if they confess that they haven’t been beaten by their spouse and so, they are not a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence encompasses psychological, emotional and sexual abuse too. While it is as damaging as physical, the problem specifically with this kind of violence is that it lacks evidence and so figuring out the issue can be a herculean task.


  • Alcohol and drug abuse cause domestic violence

There is a common myth that a cruel, oppressive husband is one who remains drunken, returns home late, shirks his marital duties and lashes out at his wife without any specific reason. Contrary to the popular belief, alcohol and drug abuse aren’t the only reasons behind domestic violence. These substances definitely aggravate the situation and make things worse but the pivotal factor why a person chooses to be violent is because he wishes to and feels sadistic pleasure in torturing the spouse.


  • Domestic violence is a personal issue

5 Myths about domestic violence busted!

Many people are of the view that domestic violence is a private affair and so outside intervention can deteriorate the situation. However, the fact is that domestic violence is a social issue that leaves a negative impact on everyone in the vicinity. If the child happens to see acts of violence, he or she choose to go into a shell and develop psychological scars and misconceived notions about their parent’s relationship. The child might go through excruciating pain which no one gets to know about. Such an incident took place in Kolkata when a girl was asked to write a paragraph on “My Family”. She wrote about her agony stating that she and her mother were beaten up every day. She also wrote that once she grows up, she will take her mother miles away from her abusive father. Such dark episodes in a child’s life can ruin their future forever.


  • Women are the victims of domestic violence

It is time to debunk the myth that only women face domestic violence. Men, too, are abused by their wives. Such cases are generally not believed because of the stereotypical image that husbands in India carry. One distinguishing fact is that women do not physically harm their husbands themselves but choose to pass on the onus to their fathers, goons or brothers. According to a report, men refrain from reporting the matter because they feel ashamed of being beaten up by a wife.


These myths revolving around domestic violence are the reasons why we have not been able to eradicate this social issue properly and are still struggling with having a good relationship with our spouses.

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