5 New Haircuts to Try Out This Summer

Aussie Key Visual5 New Haircuts to Try Out This Summer:

Arresting hairstyle reflects beauty and confidence. In summers you need to be more attentive to your hair from care to style. There is no perfect time to change your outlook, but as the season changes human body and style want amazing rejuvenation. Crave the hairstyle meeting all your beauty demands and turn your first impression into the everlasting. Today I’m sharing my picks for summer haircuts.

  1. Short Pixie Haircut:

Very much common among working women today is the Pixie haircut. Though it needs extra attention compared to any other haircut but you can easily maintain it daily. All you need is to trim your fast growing hair regularly.

You can choose any of the pixie hairstyles for thin hair. I prefer to go for lovely and charming feathered pixie cut this summer for my straight hair.

While going for this short and simple cut, don’t forget asking your hairstylist to keep softness around the ears because too much clipping will make you look more masculine. You can also ask for the asymmetrical sweep with cheekbone-skimming layers and this will add nice pack of femininity to your boyish crop. This haircut works on women of all ages.

  1. Side-Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs will make your appearance more appealing this summer. It’s best suitable haircut to create more youthful look. I don’t believe in that bangs always accentuate the round face structure. A bit long and deep side part bang hitting the mid lip actually thins your face. The sweeping fringe that grazes your cheekbone will help elongating and opening up your face nicely. Note that this cut is not for curly hair. Don’t worry, I have grown-out bangs paired with long waves as the good option for your curly hair. If parted in center, this cut will add more beauty to your look.

  1. Voluminous Lob Haircut:

Get rid of boring old styles and freshen up this summer with voluminous lob haircut. To bring a gorgeous retro feel without over-styling, this grazing cut is all in rage for the ladies who want a nice balancing effect in hairstyles. You can easily enhance your facial angles along the jawline through voluminous lob cut and keeping the weight at the strands. With a bit of imperfect look, it will surely add newness to your overall personality. It’s one of the best hairstyles for round faces.

  1. Rumpled Bob:

Bobs brilliantly work for all face structures and hair textures. This mid-length haircut is a timeless style and this season, rumpled also known as choppy layer bob is enlisted in the most popular haircuts. Do consider trying it out when you go for the new haircut in scorching summer. Bob style haircut is pretty common in young girls but now fashion in India enclosing the old women as well. It’s a perfect cut for the heart-shaped faces because it will not hit above your chin.

  1. Layers with blunt ends:

If you want to hold onto your hair length then ensure that hair are healthier with no split ends. Layers in front with blunt ends will help keeping the thickness and length of you silkiest fine looking hair. It’s irresistibly a cute haircut making you hot and stylish without damaging your hair.

Face summer heat with style. Bring newness in your personality with fresh haircuts.


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