5 Occasions in life that deserve hot sex!

5 Occasions in life that deserve hot sex!

Having sex during special days adds extra joyousness to the love making sessions. Isn’t it? The happiness of achieving or accomplishing something and the very essence of being with the person you love is nothing less than exuberant.  Although I feel that you shouldn’t look for circumstances to have sex but here is a list of occasions that you just cannot do away without hot and steam sex.

Yes, special days such as your birthday or anniversary will see you going the extra mile with your partner in the bedroom. Candles, chocolates and wine—you pull out all the stops, don’t you? But don’t reserve the hot action for these special occasions alone. Ditch the frills and tumble into bed feverishly every time.


We get filled with joy when our senior praises our work at office. On top of that if we are given a token of appreciation in the form of a bonus or a gift, then the day is complete. But hold on! Do not let your day get finished without some hot celebration. It is the perfect time to give him a surprise. You can break out the news to him by making a hot rush while he is home and getting straight on top of him with a glass of wine!



5 Occasions in life that deserve hot sex!

There must be times when he abandons his couch just to make you feel special and important. Sometimes when you inform him that your work might cause you to put in extra hours at offices, he just prepares your favorite dish to treat you when you are back home. Such efforts must be acknowledged with full gratitude and accompaniment of a love making session exclusively for him. He can be your desert for the night!


5 Occasions in life that deserve hot sex!

Many a times our plans get attacked by weather conditions or some plural reasons. This often leaves us frustrates as the night out e have been planning for weeks just got bombed by a rain. Such failure of plans is a perfect invitation to parade some mad love making. Go naked under the blankets or give each other a visual retreat of hot lap dancing or some strip tease.


5 Occasions in life that deserve hot sex!

I am pretty sure that Monday mornings are the most painful time of the week. Your mundane office life is set to kick start and the weekend is really far. Such ordinary mornings deserve an extraordinary start. Pull your partner into the blanket for some extra cuddles and kisses and indulge in passionate sex. Show each other your obsessive sides and kiss each other like there is no tomorrow. This will not only make your rest of the day light but will also keep the excitement in you to return home for another round maybe (winks)!



This is interesting and sexy! You hit the gym and workout like a beast and return home with oodles of freshness and energy. It is the perfect time to have sex. You might me weary and tired but the sex session can be a challenge to your strength and since you have exercised your testosterone levels must be pumped up. Some researchers have revealed that blood flow to women’s genital regions was 159 percent higher after working out.


These are five occasions in your daily lives when you must not ignore having sex. Try it and you will see how it flavors your day with pleasure and happiness.



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