5 questions you must not ask your boyfriend!

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We aren’t saying just don’t ask them! But, if you ask them we can’t guarantee, he will like it or you will end up liking his reaction to it. Here ladies, these questions are to be kept in heart!


  1. Why do you have a passcode to your phone?

Even you have a passcode to your phone. And it is much possible that he doesn’t know it. Did he ask you the reason? Everybody has a passcode to phones these days, it’ll be better if you gently ask for the passcode rather than the reason.


  1. That friend of your’s, she is prettier than me?

He has a friend, who may appear hotter than him. But you ended up falling for him for some good reason. Likewise, she might be prettier than you, but your boyfriend totally adores you! And he will be happier if you are confident about him.


  1. Do you like to splurge on me? Like really?

Most of the boys love spending on their girls. Mind it, not overspending! Everybody these days is running on a budget, strict or lenient. So, as his better half, you ought to take care of his expenses and also of the fact, that you aren’t exploiting his monetary availability. Try to gift him things back when he does them to you, that maintains an equilibrium.


  1. When do you intend to marry?

The question that has scared men since ages! He might or might not be planning to get married to you, so first sort that case out. Once you know that it’s you, please take it brisk. Never jump on him or keep irking him with deadlines that will, obviously frighten him. Sit together and plan out. Invite discussions only when needed.


  1. How many other girls are you texting with?

He might be texting with a hundred more odd women, maybe because of work or as acquaintances. One cannot afford to turn down the opposite gender, just because they are in a relationship already. But he might fear to answer you, just because he sees a big mess coming from your side on it. Or because it might not be important to him. He knows the things that matter in his life, and he will certainly mention them to you. Trusthim.


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