5 Reasons why chasing a man never helps and what you should do about it

Dating games are fun. One of the craziest dating games people play is to try and raise themselves to such high pedestals that the other person feels tired chasing them like forever. Now while silly games are fun, getting toxic to a point where the other person loses their mind is a bad way of playing games with people’s hearts. Unless you really allow someone to do that to you, it is difficult for any man to make you feel so pathetic. But yes, attraction towards someone can make you fall for that trap and you may not realise that you have landed in some hot mess unless you are too deep into it.

5 Reasons why chasing a man never helps and what you should do about it

Now someone who really cares about you will never drive you to a point like that. Those who only wish to take advantage of your weak heart will see through the end when it comes to seeing how far you can keep chasing them. No matter how vicious that sounds, this is a fact and many of us have been through something like this in some at one point or the other. What you need to do regardless of the kind of relationship you share with the man in question here, is to stop doing what feeds him and restore your self-worth. Here are a few ways which could help you save yourself from the crazy drama.


Get some oxygen


Have some clear vision of your course of action  in life. Yes, getting some oxygen through exercise or just some movement can make you think more rationally when you have almost been driven to a point of losing it all. Instead of fanning his flames, it will be a great idea to let yourself cool off before you can take a clever decision. You have to outsmart him if you want to outrun a man like that. So, when you manage to get hold if him you either talk logically and out some sense into his head to treat you right or just ask him to get out of your life. How long do you think you can keep chasing him? If he was worth that kind of effort would he ever make you go through such a crazy state? No! Think for your own good and release all the drama that has been happening.


Make him chase you


Now this man might have you believe that he doesn’t need you to chase him or that he absolutely detests this. But trust me, he is enjoying that so much that having you gain control is the last thing that’s on his mind right now. Try and choke him of the control that he has over you, he will go paranoid. He loves seeing you chase him and he wants that rush forever. Show him that you can do without him. He will either come running to you or change his moves.


Talk to a close buddy


Friends can be of major help when you are trapped in a situation like that. Even your close friends will tell you exactly what is being stated here. There is no point going around with someone who doesn’t see your worth but wants to extract every little energy out of you just so that he could boost his ego. You will end up on a bad note altogether. Tell your friend(s) all that you have to for they will be your best guide out here knowing you better than anyone else.


Look at the bigger picture


Think of the future here. How long are you going to do this to yourself? Where has it got you now? Are you in a better place doing all the chasing or worse? If it was never good with your previous experiences, it will not be better now. Practice some self love or you will lose yourself completely trying to fit into what someone else perceives or defines you to be.


Let him go

5 Reasons why chasing a man never helps and what you should do about it

If you are in a constant state of restlessness and frustration, you shouldn’t torture yourself anymore for someone who derives sadistic pleasure by hurting you. Any kind of partnership demand some compromise and the ability as well as interest to do something for the person you love. But chasing a man forever is not a healthy thing to do to yourself if you have some respect left. If you did love yourself, you would not let that toxicity prolong. Think about yourself first before you give away all of yourself to someone else. Try healing yourself in solitude. You need to cool off after running and chasing this man for long. This is needed so that you don’t fall for someone like that again and again.