5 Reasons why getting married in your 20s is a great idea!

There are too many opinions on why getting married in your twenties is not a great idea! In fact many have faced serious flak for the choices that they make with regard to choosing their life partner in the early part of their lives. We are not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. If getting married sooner sounds like the best thing to you, you should go ahead. After all, it is your life which matters. You don’t really need to bother about what people really comment about your relationship as long as you are absolutely sure that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whoever it is and whenever it is that you choose to get married, just consider the basics of a relationship done right. Here are a few reasons why getting married in your twenties is great idea:

5 Reasons why getting married in your 20s is a great idea!

You can dare to take the risk


Marriage is one the crucial decisions that we have to make. Some avoid it while others are ready to risk it. The sooner you start on any task, the better you get at not just dealing with it but also taking the risks. This is because you have ample time to rectify your mistakes and look for better ways to deal with problems. Plus, it is better to just get over with the stress sooner than letting it linger for too long. You need to be prepared with the pros and cons that marrying early will cost you. First and the most important, your life gets intertwined. If you are ready to risk your space, your whims and fancies; you are all set to rock the decision of marrying this person. [Read: 10 Tips for taking a break from life!]

You have time to plan for kids


Your biological clock isn’t running away too fast too soon. You have enough time to decode when you would like to have kids. There is no rush. There is no stress. When you get married in your 30s or 40s, even your doctor might rush you into having a baby, leave alone the family, your husband and even the society. You have the time now to decide if having a baby is even something that you want. Your decision to have kids is solely your right and you should not be coerced just because that is the norm. You should be able to have sufficient space to talk to your partner about it just so that there is no hard feeling later. [Read: 10 Things you should definitely do for yourself before having kids!]


You have not dealt with too many heartbreaks

This emotional baggage is a hard one to carry into a marriage. Dealing with too many successive heartbreaks can make it difficult for you to be your own self with the person who deserves it. In your 20s, your dating history is still okay and it easier to get past the heartbreaks and open up easier. With age, you get cynical about your romantic decisions and may even opt out of the idea of marriage completely. Thus, with an early marriage in your 20s, you are much better equipped to deal with damage control. You’ll grow together and learn to cope with all your problems as a team.


You can work on your savings together


Some dreams cost nothing while others come with a huge price tag. When you are all alone, it is a tedious task to save up. You will rarely be able to manage breaks and relax when you have to big a goal to accomplish. Your investments will also have a better chance of doing well when you have the second opinion of your husband’s opinion who is now the only person you can best confide in. Being married earlier, you can do the same task together. You have each other’s backs so it’s easier as a team than doing it single-handedly. However, this only works smooth when both of your are on the same page about these goals. If you are the only one being serious about it and the other is lazing around, then  it will only add to your mental stress. [Read: Lifestyle modifications to save more money]


You mature together


Sometimes, dealing with the negative side of growing up is difficult. This is especially true when you are alone. Adulthood is tough and when you have your husband with you one thing you can be sure of is the fact that he will be by your side no matter what. You can motivate each other at your weakest moments. You can defend each other when everyone else is against you. In fact with the vigour and vitality that you possess in your twenties you can more motivated to have things fixed. Even if you give up at times, you still have the hope that you have enough time to get things right.

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