5 Reasons you should keep your sex life a secret

5 Reasons you should keep your sex life a secret

Rumours and Gossip

“The minute you start caring about what other people think, is the minute you stop being yourself.” – Meryl Streep

It’s true, we must always turn a deaf ear to the superficial opinions others have about us – good or bad. We must always consider criticism, but never let negativity get under our skin – for some people will always criticize you, no matter how much of a saint you are or not.

You will get promotions, win awards, but you will never feel good enough. For we live in a world where every individual is trying to smother the other.

So sometimes, it’s best to hide certain things – not because there is any reason to feel ashamed – but because people love to concoct exaggerated pieces of fiction out of the mundane non-fiction.


They Secretly Judge

5 Reasons you should keep your sex life a secret

Oh Yes! They judge. It’s their favourite hobby. People love to gossip for starters, after which comes the analysis of the anecdote. They scrutinize every detail and come up with a long list of flaws out of a small situation, accompanied with a dozen ‘OMG’s and ‘She’s such a slut!’

People love to judge. Somehow they feel they are the disciples of god, and only they can tell the difference between a pious and unholy act.

So ladies, beware of these watchdogs!


When You Fall Apart, They Might Tell On You

It happens very often that you have a fight with your friend or, just eventually fall apart. Small issues turn into big ones and great friendships are lost over petty wars. But that’s okay, that is all a part of life.

But keep a track on those secrets you once shared – for they are no longer safe anymore! Taking your embarrassing sex-stories to your grave sounds like a better option now, does it? I guess we’re better safe than sorry.


The Guilt-Trip

5 Reasons you should keep your sex life a secret

Of course. We all have that friend that gives us a guilt-trip after we are done narrating to them our adventurous tales in bed or the many drunken mistakes that we have made. We don’t need you to rebuke us, we need you to tell us, ‘Damn Woman! You sure had some wild sex last night!’ or just be there for us, telling us drunken mishaps are a part of life, and something we’ll laugh at in the near future.

They won’t stop, they won’t understand. We might as well just keep our cheap thrills to ourselves for we can no longer let our conscience take control!


None of Their Business

And lastly but simply, it’s none of their godforsaken business.



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