5 Reasons why your long distance relationship is going to fall out!

Falling is love is amazing. You weave dreams together and cannot wait to have all you desires fulfilled with this person that you love so much. You are ready to accept all challenges because you want to win even though you have to suffer major fall outs. These days considering the globalised nature of world affairs, it is more common to have your loved one moving places or probably staying in a different land than yours for a long time. While such long distance relationships are doable, you have to agree, they take immense energy and efforts from both ends. While I am a firm believer in the fact that what has to stay, will stay; it is also true that the chances of a long distance relationship surviving is hard. Not impossible, but hard. A lot of its success depends on your individual traits rather than just mutual efforts.

5 Reasons why your long distance relationship is going to fall out!

You build hopes that you will have great future together but you know it well, that it is a matter of chance with no guarantees at all. Recall those times when you wanted to call but he is too busy? When you texted him something that required his urgent attention but he responded too late? You were crying too hard but he wasn’t there to hold you close? You are at the mercy of technology which is too frustrating in the long term.

So, here are a few reasons that your long distance relationship is doomed to fail in the near future:


You have to depend on the virtual world:


While this sounds easy enough, you have to agree to the fact that the virtual dimension to your relationship fails to cast the emotional attachment. There are times when you just want to feel the presence of this person but all you can do is depend on your gadgets to do the job of communicating your feelings. You just convince yourself everyday that you are in a real relationship, but try and be honest you will realise that you are just brainwashing yourself into believing a virtual reality. [Read: Here’s What It’s Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship]


You don’t communicate well


If you are someone who speaks less or fails to communicate your emotions effectively, you will have a hard time materialising this long distance relationship. It is hard to convince someone even when you are good with your words. So, when you aren’t great at it, it is further a difficult task. With time what you said today will be lost in transition and speech is not always the best way to express what you feel. Our languages have their own limitations for not every emotion can be framed into words. No matter how many times you say that you love him, that you miss him; he may not ever be able to understand the depth of it. [Read: How to communicate with your partner ?]


Your schedules aren’t similar

5 Reasons why your long distance relationship is going to fall out!

Long distance relations demand a lot of effort and commitment. Different work schedules can add to your troubles. It is further difficult to keep up when you are in two different time zones. This adds to your frustration because neither of you are really present when the either one is craving for some company. Even though you want to, your body may not be able to keep up. You may not always be in a great mood to even understand your partner’s troubles or concerns. Physical exhaustion due to daily schedules can get the best of you, leaving you too frustrated and needy.


LDRs demand financial stability


Are you too broke to even pay your basic bills? If yes, you will find it harder when you will have to take the materialistic route to express your love. Plus, when you have to meet each other in either of your cities, the travel and stay expenses may be too huge  for you. Plus, can you keep doing this all your life? Do you even like it or are you forced to accept this arrangement in this relationship? It will only leave you feeling miserable when you cannot do those things that you want to just because you are not financially stable. [Read: 16 Expert backed Money Saving tips for every woman!]


You have trust issues


Do you find it hard to trust people easily? Does it take a lot of effort for the other person to keep convincing you about their feelings just because you are too insecure? If yes, then your long distance relationship is doomed to fail. While it is easier to remain positive for the time being but if you are too needy of some comfort in your partner’s arms and have the tendency of suspecting him/ her too easily, you will have a hard time keeping up your faith with your partner’s permanent absence. It is more easier to have misunderstandings when your partner isn’t physically present in the same place and even when you wish to make things better, you have to depend on technology to set things right. [Read: How to deal with trust issues in a relationship?]

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