5 Reasons why you have had too many failed relationships

                                                                                                                                              Failed relationships can be a source of huge disappointment. Regardless of the number of times it has happened and stage of life you are in, a failed relationship feels disheartening. Have you been dating quite a number of men lately and none of them have worked out? Do, you feel like you need to make more efforts towards your prospective dates but despite a number of attempts you are still ending up feeling dejected and the rejection? When we date someone, we wish it to materialise and head somewhere. This is more so when you really like this person and want him to share a great bond with you. Connections take time to build and it is quite possible that you have not been able to fare well when it comes to relationships. This articles isn’t to prove that you are wrong in the way you have dealt with your dates but rather a suggestive list of what you could be doing to improve your relationships.

 5 Reasons why you have had too many failed relationships

Your are convinced that you don’t need relationships


Humans are slaves of their thought processes. What we think we become. So, if you have been on numerous dates but still don’t believe the in the concept of relationships and cherish your singlehood, you are unlikely to project yourself well to your date. While on a date you have to play your cards right so that your potential partner can understand if your ideas align. However, you act carefree and unconcerned about relationships, you are likely to face the flak of failed relationships Hence, you should look for changing your mindset if you wish to have a successful union with your dates. [Read: 6 Ways to stay single unless you are ready to handle relationships]


Your pick flaws everywhere


If you are someone who keeps looking for the flaws that your dates have, you will rarely find yourself ending up with someone. Everyone has flaws. That’s what makes them human. You might have certain conditions but you will obviously have to make certain adjustments. Being too picky might make you lose out on great matches solely because you didn’t approve of certain flaws that they had. If you have a great human who enjoys your company and makes you feel respected and cared for, certain shortcomings can be overlooked. So, drop that habit of picking out the flaws and try and look for someone who is overall a great match. [Read: 5 Things to keep in mind if you wish to be perfect everywhere]


You didn’t follow up after the first date

5 Reasons why you have had too many failed relationships

So after you meet this person once, it shouldn’t stop you from meeting him again. You can bond better when you make time to see him more often and then follow up on it. You cannot expect to randomly date people one after the other and never call them or text back after the first meet. It is impossible to know someone on a first date. While you might notice a few things and learn about quite basic things about his life you will rarely get to know the real him. Therefore, when you date you should not just get excited about the first meet ups but rather look for deeper connections through successive meets. Meaningful interactions take time and effort. So, invest yourself wholeheartedly to one person at a time rather than switching frequently. [Read: 6 Quick tips for women on their first date!]


You have commitment issues


This is perhaps the most evident form of behaviour that makes people end up having failed relationships. When you are commitment phobic, you will make every possible excuse to avoid connecting with this person beyond the superficial level. Commitment phobic people have a tendency to ghost. While you may like to look out for all the fishes available in the pond, it is important that you maintain some exclusivity in the dating world. If you did go out with this person, you should care to make things work rather than leaving it mid way. Randomly meeting your dates without a certain degree of clarity about what suits you the best, will only add up to your frustration. [Read: 10 Ways to cure your commitment phobia!]


You still don’t practice self care


Self care is extremely important while trying to attract the man who you can relate the most to. If you still have doubts about what you want and don’t really love yourself enough to know your worth, you are likely to end up with people who won’t love you back enough. This is the first thing that you should practice while you jump into the idea of dating people. If you lack compassion and fail to give respect to people, you will never receive it. Practice writing down all the qualities that you need in your partner. You can try jotting down those qualities depending on what comprises your priority list. You will be surprised that when you have the clarity of what you need, you will subconsciously attract that person that you hope to have in your life. [Read: 5 Reasons why self-respect is important in the relationship!]

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