5 Reasons why materialism is bad for you!

Most of us follow the herd and don’t really focus on what is truly important in life. Thanks to the advertising world for bringing in the tsunami of commercials and marketing messages that now people know nothing about the ‘real thing’. Materialism has taken over people’s mind to such an extent that people aren’t really willing to turn their heads to what should actually matter in life.

5 Reasons why materialism is bad for you!

Materialism has caused ignorance towards the quality time with family and friends, thanksgiving to people who have been there for you in your turbulence or the care and concern that one should be giving to their partners and pets.

Being a part of the mob, not many of us realize what part of our sanity we are losing out on by falling prey to materialistic love. This article is an attempt to mirror the worse that materialism does to you and for you to understand why is materialism bad



Nobody in life can evict himself from bad things or bad luck. We all have our own span of mishaps happening in our lives. It might not be because of our fault but every human endures his/her own share of abyss. A person whose love is inclined towards materialistic things feels even worse during a bad event. This is because the value of those things and the loss of it amplifies the consumer calamity.



5 Reasons why materialism is bad for you!

The conduct of a materialistic person is very different from a person who believes in love for his life devoid of things and objects. Materialistic people are always under stress and pressurize themselves for random reasons which eventually results in compulsive spending behavior. This then becomes a vicious cycle and it is very hard for the person to ever feel satisfied.



5 Reasons why materialism is bad for you!

You lose your life’s balance as the complete focus is on money. When the focus is on monetary gains then you begin evaluating your emotions equaling it with money. This proves bad for your relationships with people around you and your definition of stability in life becomes a fabricated truth. Instead, in reality it is the lower level of materialism that brings in stability and balance in life.



5 Reasons why materialism is bad for you!

Today’s generation is furnishing their minds with materialistic aspects towards life. This could be due to the growth in new media and the simultaneous growth of the advertising industry. The youth of today is not as hard working as the youth of the previous generation. Hard work has become a subjective matter now and has varying definitions among people of today.  This takes a toll on the work ethics that one must and must be otherwise equipped with. Materialism results in a lower desire to work hard and grind.



What materialism does is that it never allows you to be a happy person even if you have ‘enough’ to be one. It ends you up with disgust as you keep comparing your life with others. The urge to financially conquer your accomplishments hampers your mental and spiritual well-being. It always keeps you perpetually unsatisfied and you unknowingly live in a cycle where you gain and disdain at the same time.

Materialism should never be your cup of tea.  The world it takes you in can cause irrecoverable moral damages and hence, you must focus on the important things in life which is the love and affection to fellow human beings. Spending time with your loved ones should be on the top priority rather than shopping and buying home décor. Home becomes home because of the people residing in it and not because of the decorative items you set in. Materialism makes you forget the grammar of staying together and that instead should be your biggest fear!



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