5 Reasons why sexting is good for your relationship!

We love some kink in the relationship. Only makes us feel desirable. A little sexting, dirt talk or phone sex keeps things very interesting while we try and stay in touch with our partners for the whole day. Sexting is even more useful for those who might stay distance apart from their partners and wish to maintain the excitement just like it would be when both of your were physically close to each other. Hence, sexting can prove to be beneficial for relationships if not in a huge way but to some extent.

5 Reasons why sexting is good for your relationship!

You convey your sexual needs


When you engage in sexting, you scream out your sexual needs to your partner. It is a great way of communicating your desires and what you wish to do to your partner. It makes you fantasise about all that your partner has sexted. Sex is a carnal desire and having people who don’t really expect any sexual action in the relationship is a rarity. Men have a tendency to more sexually inclined than women although this can be highly debatable, it is not part of the discussion here. So, when your man tells you what he wants to do to you, you get in the process of anticipating all the action that would happen when you meet. It is better than jerking off with random internet porn or just thinking about someone else.


You build trust when you act


Wouldn’t you want our partner to do those things to you that he promised to? All talk and no play doesn’t help anywhere. So when you sext you should also follow through on what you said and engage actively to satisfy your partner. Since you have built all the expectations, if you show your lack of will when you finally meet, it will be a huge disappointment and your partner won’t really enjoy either sexting or having actual sex the next time. However, when you live up to the expectation, your partner can’t help but think about having sex with you all the time. This strengthens your bond with him and builds trust.


Acts as great foreplay


Foreplay is a vital part of sex. Some people find immense satisfaction in reading erotica and engaging in explicitly bold communication. Sexting serves their purpose. It is better to get aroused by what your partner tells you than thinking about someone else or trying hard to cum without something actually sensational. When you listen to all the kinky stuff or read them, it actually stimulates your mind having almost the same effect as actually engaging in foreplay. You can’t help but touch and pleasure yourself in the absence of your partner. Sexting can be a huge turn on. So, if you wish to keep your partner glued to you and if you wish to rule his mind 24/7 you will have to talk as dirt as you can so that he can’t help but think about all that he wants to do to you when he finally gets to touch you. The built up sexual tension can keep your sexual intimacy wild.


Sexting could be great if you are shy  


Those who have engaged in sex already don’t really find it difficult to sext. But are you shy but have hidden desires? Some people find it difficult to convey their sexual desires effectively. Even if they know what to say, the thought of blurting it out in person can be intimidating for some. Initially it is difficult for most of us. It makes us feel judged, so we try and keep our thoughts to ourselves. But if you still want to keep some sexual tension alive, despite the fact that your relationship is new, sexting can be a great option. It might in fact surprise your partner that you have great sexual prowess. Unless you have immense control over your senses, it is difficult to contain your sexual desires. So, sexting your partner can be a great way not just to stimulate yourself but also your partner.


It might just save your relationship

5 Reasons why sexting is good for your relationship!

Mature relationships tend to go through a phase of boredom at some point. This is when relationships may crumble if efforts are not put in the right direction. However, if you regularly engage in sexting with your partner you will make your partner feel needed. Often men complaint that their partners fail to give sufficient attention to sex. It is at this point that they start looking for the fulfilment of their need somewhere else. If you are not in the habit of dirty talking with your partner, he will be far more excited to listen to it from someone else. Accept this, if you don’t keep him hooked, someone else is waiting to take the advantage.