5 Reasons Why My Last Breakup Was Awesome

Credits: Flickr/CC/Andrew Pascone

Breakup – a heart shattering and soul crushing thing – makes people emotionally unstable. That is what happened to me a year ago when my once beloved beau cheated on me. I didn’t think I would be able to get rid of that suffering. But then I watched ‘Maleficent,’ in which Angelina Jolie faced the same trauma, and I was inspired by how she turned that feeling of betrayal into strength. I did the same and now I feel like a super-blessed person.

I am not going to seek revenge on the scoundrel because I loved him truly. Well, I left the trash behind and today, I can sum up the reasons making my last breakup the most awesome thing that ever happened to me.

1. More time to invest in myself:

I realized I had been neglecting myself, from gaining a few pounds to missing yoga classes.  Soon after the breakup I grasped how botched my life had become, just to keep up my relationship.

Now is the time to reinvest in myself. I am now a free bird. Surprised? I love paragliding for example, but my Ex was like ‘Oh what a scary thing’. He had fear of heights so paragliding became a dream to me.

How amazing is the feeling that you can do whatever you want to!

2. Got my personal space back:

I never thought that starting a relationship would bound me with so many non-sense constraints. Yeah I respected my Ex’s choices and decisions, but now I realize that my true-self had gotten lost somewhere in the process. I surrendered all of my space purely to cherish him. But he didn’t ever return the favor.

At this time of my life, I am more social, I can call my old buddies, can hang out with them, can stay out for as long as I desire to. My real life, packed with pleasure and fun activities, is all back with a bang and I am loving it!

3. I can find and marry a true gentleman:

What an opportunity I got because of my last breakup. I don’t have to deal with a messy relationship anymore and can catch on the right person.

I am certain I can find someone much more reliable and noble than my Ex and who can lift up my spirit. A nice guy who will not ask imprudent questions like “who’s this new guy on your profile?”, “what’s half-nude Rihanna or Lady gaga doing on your phone screen?” (Come on man, it’s just a wallpaper) and blah blah blah.

4. I can pursue my dreams.

I now have the liberty to make my own decisions and to reinvent my dreams. I wanted to be a sculptor but was unable to transform this fantasy into a reality as my former beau had no interest in fine arts. He didn’t like to see me muddy while making a sculpture.

I now have joined the arts classes and my dream will surely come true. My family’s dream also came true, as I am now always available to them. They just wanted me to give them enough time and care.

5. No more meaningless arguments:

Whops! Finally my life has no dealing with lame opinions all the time.

Just imagine, you have to attend your best pal’s wedding ceremony and stop at a nearby market to get a cool gift but your boyfriend is not getting the parking slot of his choice. And, the argument begins. How annoying, isn’t it?

Breaking up si something like stitching the wounds without painkillers. So it’s kind of important to live an emotionally healthy life afterwards. Thanks to my last breakup, there is no more pointless drama to undergo and no restriction or senseless obligation or insane commitment.

Life is Good!