5 Reasons why winter sex is the best!

5 Reasons why winter sex is the best!

Winters are not just about the drop in the temperature, winters are about the rise in sexual drives of the couples in love. The cozy blankets, the mug of coffee, the list of sensual movies, the warm hugs and the alluring smooches. I am pretty sure that you agree that winter sex has its own unmatched extravaganza. It is the perfect time to rekindle romance and to just forget the world and make love to your partner. The amorous kisses and cuddles in this exotic weather is enough to turn you on.

So why is it that winter sex is considered the best sex among all other seasons? Here’s why!


You can get extra cuddly

The temperature drop outside does instigate the desire to feel each other’s body. Gluing to each other’s skin is what couples look forward to when the air is chilly outside. This keep us warm. We can go on cuddling our man endlessly as cuddles are never enough for anyone, especially when it is winters. The warmth of a hug is unmatched at this point and additionally, if there is some hot wild action inside the blanket, who will resist?


The undressing sessions are tempting than ever

5 Reasons why winter sex is the best!

Since the chills in the air outside will eventually have you all covered up- in clothes, imagine how exciting will it be for your man to undress them one by one. Things can get mysteriously sexy and the glow in your partner’s eyes to see you drop those clothes one by one will make you feel sexier than ever. Things will be spiced up several notches as you finally lie down naked inside the blankets and feel each other.


Hot showers

Who can ever say no to a hot water shower? There is nothing as hot as having a hot shower with your partner. Those  chilly water mornings can become extremely hot with this and the pleasure of two naked bodies touching each other is nothing less than a treat. To make it even more hotter, all you have to do is have a quickie!


More desire to have  sex

5 Reasons why winter sex is the best!

During winters, our bodies crave for warmth and when the warmness can be filled with your partner’s touch, what better on Earth could you possibly ask for? All through winters, we are more turned on and there is much more urge and desire to have sex. Intensively passionate and hot sex is easily possible during winters as winters gets your more turned on than any other time of the year.


Helps you beat winter blues

The drop in the temperature can sometimes make us feel gloomy and upset. Having sex at that point can light up the mood instantly and get you all charged up. You can eliminate stress very easily and the love making sessions will also devoid you from a feeling that you aren’t having fun. You will easily be able to elude the winter blues and you won’t be sulking.


These are the reasons why winters are a season of romance and explicit pleasure. Winters are adventurous, intriguing and full of surprises. This winter season, follow your creative instincts and make some memories and most importantly, don’t forget to plant those love bites!


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