5 Rules to keep in mind when you decide to live-in!

Have you recently decided to live in? Did you weight in all your options before heading on with this decision? Living in is a big step regardless of how long you have known each other and what kind of future you see with each other. This is a very huge step which needs serious planning and a responsible work sharing attitude.

5 Rules to keep in mind when you decide to live-in!

You need to be absolutely sorted about space sharing and money matters along with the most important thing, that is, who does what in the house. You can’t have a smooth relationships if problems pertaining to these creep in. You might actually adjust initially with every little issue, but if they really don’t go well with you deep down; you will surely be in troubled waters.


Staying over for a day or two and even in a hotel for a few days is much easier than living in with your partner. There are certain rules that you need to set for yourself and for him as well (which of course you need to agree on mutually) so as to run the relationship in an amicable way. This is especially true if your partner is more organised an disciplined than you are. Here are five ways in which you can make your live in relationship work effectively and long term:


Sharing household work


Just because you are a woman you need not necessarily share the whole responsibility for the functioning of the house. This is 2017 and I guess we need not even consider this an issue. If a single person does the whole job, it is surely going to back fire. You will get frustrated soon and probably quit. Also, don’t complain or get frustrated if your partner forgets to do his job or maybe he is too tired to do his work for the day. You can always offer extra help or do it on his behalf when need be. When you share the job, it’s easier to get over with it sooner and concentrate on other things that need the most of your attention.


Never drag your problems to the next day

5 Rules to keep in mind when you decide to live in!

When you have an issue with your partner, solve it as soon as you can. What’s more ideal is, solve it within a few hours before you sleep. You never know how hurt the person might be and if you don’t confront or apologise (if you are the problem in the relationship), it might get worse the next day. Don’t let your ego swell so much that you forget that you are sharing your life with this person now and his happiness should mean the most to you.


Work together on your home interiors


People have different aesthetic tastes. You may not always like what your partner does. And you just can’t dump your choices on people. It’s your house and both of you need to agree on what you want to have, how clustered or spaced you want the room to be. In fact, this might draw you closer to your partner because doing this might actually help you spend more time with each other.


Never forget to spend “Me- Time”

 5 Rules to keep in mind when you decide to live-in!

No matter how much you love being together, it is not healthy to ignore yourself completely. If you want your space some day, your partner must be willing to give that to you. If you like to indulge in a hobby, go ahead. If you wish to spend time with your friends, you should be able to do that. Living in shouldn’t make you sacrifice that part of you which makes you who you are. Living in shouldn’t mean a stagnant life or that you stop growing individually. Also, be respectful of our partner’s need for space. Don’t be selfish.


Don’t forget to have fun with each other


Living in doesn’t necessarily need to attract boredom. You can still be the same couple doing what you did earlier. Make a schedule and find out ways to spend quality time with each other. Don’t just rely on the quantity to keep your relationship alive. Plan dates, cook his favourite food, hide gifts and leave a series of message for him to find it. Do whatever you feel will make him feel special. Just because you are living in together, that doesn’t mean your relationship needs no efforts. In fact, it does actually forever! Make sure the fun element is still alive and kicking.


You might come up with other rules depending on how better you understand each other. These rules are necessary to make your relationship damage- proof. It needs to make your lives better. If you have decided to live in, it could be one of the best decisions of your life. Make sure you make the right efforts at the right time.


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