5 Secrets your husband keeps from you!

5 Secrets your husband keeps from you!

Relationships are rooted in honesty but wouldn’t you agree that we all have our own secrets that we hide even from our partners. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with that after all we are all humans and we all have our own individuality which we need to embrace before being together.

This might leave you wondering, if your hubby is hiding something from you. Well! Yes he has his secrets that he doesn’t want you to know. Before you start imagining unlocking his phone or spy over him, it is important to know that he has his own privacy which must be respected. There are unhealthy secrets at one side and on the other side there is privacy, and you must not clutch them together.

If you still are feeling an unrest, good news for you! As today we reveal those secrets in this article.



5 Secrets your husband keeps from you!

It is difficult to make out about this as unlike us, they do not complain about it. It must be running in back of their minds, but they would never want you to know that he is uncomfortable with his body. We are humans and are bodies keep changing with changing lifestyle patterns and thus, we all go through body image issues that fill us with insecurity. So now you know that you too need to give plenty compliments!


5 Secrets your husband keeps from you!

Men usually aren’t detail conversation makers. They like to keep it short and simple, something with which most women struggle with. They go on a man date quite often. If they are stressed about their job, they will probably call up a friend and grab two beer and chill for a while. He won’t inform you about this because he doesn’t want to face the load of questions that follows up. But if you think he is hiding about his tired and exhausted time and is really trying hard to sort his post-work fatigue with his friends, simply ask him to go on a night out with his friends.



Yes! Sameness is not fun for him at all. Repeating the same routine on bed bores him to death. He will never admit it to you as your sentiments will hurt but he really dislikes investing time and energy on the same old routine.  He likes being experimental and loves when you are a firework of recentness mushrooming with new intimate ideas.



5 Secrets your husband keeps from you!

He enjoys healthy flirting and doesn’t mind a casual spiced up chat with a woman at workplace. This is not with the intention to cheat on you or anything of that sort; he simply enjoys making most of his little freedom he gets at his workstation. Although, if this turns into a habit, things can get tough for you but if you know how to utilize this temporary attraction of your husband with another woman, you can explore your sexual interests united. This will not only be fun but will also strengthen your connection.




5 Secrets your husband keeps from you!

Men love masturbating while watching porn. He loves fantasizing and exploring his sexual interests and desires. Therefore, even if you guys share a steamy hot sex life, he watches porn. This in no way means that you aren’t doing enough for him or that he is losing interest in you. It simply is spicing up a little bit in your individual sexual territory and tuning in with your personal comfort.

If you think, you are a little boiled with this insight, then you need a little space for introspection. You will come to know that you too have a list of secrets that you unconsciously or may be, consciously hide from him. Having such secrets doesn’t put any of the two of you in bad shadows; it simply means you are mature enough to ascertain your individual choices without causing harm to your relationship.



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