5 Sex positions that women love the most!

Everyone wants to keep their love life exciting and keeping it exciting takes some wild and crazy action on bed. To make your bed experiences sexy, it isn’t important that you try and perform all the acrobatic positions from Kama sutra, you can simply twist and turn your ordinary sex positions and yet have the best sex. When we talk about sex, we also talk about the climax. When the climax is not as expected, it is very much of a disappointment. In this article, we tell you about seven sex positions that are simplest but with little modification and will help you reach more orgasms. These are the positions that women just love.

5 Sex positions that women love the most!


Modification– Put a pillow under your lower back and lift your hips. Fold your legs and bring it to top and lean the legs towards your shoulders as if you are trying to wrap yourself with your legs. As per your comfort, you can also put the pillow under your butt.

This variation to the most popular position will is not just pleasurable to another level, but allows the man to do his job more efficiently. Thrusting becomes easier for him and he is able to penetrate deeper into your body. This variation will also increase sensitivity of your clitoris and you will be able to reach your orgasm easily. Your man can also help you with the rubbing of clitoris in this position. [Read: 8 Reasons why missionary sex is still a favourite!]


Doggy style

5 Sex positions that women love the most!

Modification– I don’t think we have yet discovered a position hotter than doggy style. But a slight twist to this can turn women extremely horny and asking for more. You need to lie down on your stomach. Keep your butt elevated so that he can enter you easily. The man should be in a push up position while leaning on top of you.

This position not only allows both the partners to feel each other’s bodies completely but also increases friction.  The woman is free to rub her clitoris and the man can double up his energy according to his comfort. The thrusting is facedown, so the man can also play around the woman’s neck region or kiss and lick her back. [Read: 14 Things that will improve your sexual experiences!]

Leg wrap

 5 Sex positions that women love the most!

Modification– Wrapping around your legs around him not only makes it more affectionate, but also helps him penetrate deeper into you. The variation you need to bring in here is instead of him being on top of you, ask him to be on your side, facing you. Meaning the man should be facing the woman while she faces towards the wall. Wrap your legs around him and let him penetrate.


The penetration is not just hotter due to the high closeness among the partners, it is also a pose that doesn’t require too much of effort. The purpose is not to feel like you are doing your cardio, it should be relaxing and at the same time help you reach your peak. This variation will also help the woman to easily touch and rub her clitoris. Even the man can easily join her in doing so. [Read: Shy? 5 great sex positions just for you!]


Woman on top

5 Sex positions that women love the most!

Modification– The woman needs to turn her back towards the man and should keep her legs closed instead of open.


When women are on top, they have complete control over the thrusting. They can set the pace and get the friction rolling into their vaginas. Since the legs are folded inwards, the feel is tighter and the woman is able to sense every vibration and every inch of the penis as it penetrates. [Read: Sex positions that guarantee multiple orgasms!]


On the Table

 5 Sex positions that women love the most!

Modification– This can be performed either on the dining table or on the kitchen slab. The variation to be made is that instead of the woman keeping her legs on both sides of the man, place one leg on his shoulder. The man will enter into you standing between your legs.

For this, your butt should be at the edge of the slab or the table, so that he can easily penetrate into you. You guys will make a perpendicular angle when you are in this position. He will be able to hold and give support to your leg placed on his shoulder with a hand, and he will also be able to thrust deeper and faster taking the support of that leg. This will make it more pleasurable and you also have the leverage to rub your clitoris easily and reach the climax.


So, these were 5 normal sex positions with slight variables that is ought to take your sexual experience to another level of satisfaction. You must consider trying it with your partner as these positions will give better internal stimulation and will give you a fulfilling climax. All these positions help the man to penetrate deeper into a woman’s body and allows him to thrust into your vagina and make the whole act extra orgasmic.



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