5 Signs you have attained emotional maturity

Your age is no parameter to judge your emotional maturity. You might have come across kids who are way too mature than you might yourself be. And there are adults who don’t even behave half their age. To be emotionally mature, you have to give most of the credit to your experiences because that will shape how you react to different situations at different points of time. When you have everything taken care of and served to you on the platter, you don’t really have a lot to take care of and be responsible for. Someone else of your same age might be doing things and handling more people than you necessarily need to. Such a person will have a better emotional maturity than you do.

5 Signs you have attained emotional maturity

An emotionally mature person can deal better with just about any situation that comes their way. It is very important to be in a relationship with someone you share the same level of emotional maturity with. If not, your relationship can either be very confusing or a real trouble given the fact that you won’t know how to handle your partner well. Here are a few things that will tell you if you have attained emotional maturity:


You admit to your mistakes


An emotionally mature person is responsible for their deeds and actions. It isn’t easier for people to admit to their mistakes. But emotionally mature people know how to accept their wrongdoings and take full charge of what is to be done to make things right. Admitting to our mistakes can hurt our self esteem. So, when you accept your shortcomings and mistakes as part of growing up and learning, you have attained emotional maturity. If you always have to or want to prove that you can never be wrong, then you haven’t really grown up in the truest sense of the term.


You are more empathic


Being empathic needs a lot of compassion and kindness towards other people. Only when you can think beyond your box to accommodate others opinions and what people feel beyond what’s visible on the surface level, you can actually claim to be emotionally mature. Looking at every situation objectively is not really a great way to be around people and neither is being subjective all the time a great idea. It takes a great balance of understanding and keenness to look for a middle path to understand what people go through to be emotionally mature.


You don’t react to every situation


Being emotionally mature means that you observe more than you react. You try and look for every possible explanation for a situation and then react to it. You know that will not always be right and you won’t hesitate to take a second opinion before drawing a conclusion. It doesn’t hurt your ego to realise that someone may be better than you and can guide you towards the solution better than what you would do alone. An immature person doesn’t really care being a rebel everywhere. However, an emotionally mature person understands that there is no point being a hero every single time and especially when it’s not required. You realise that your silence will do a better job at dealing with a particular issue than engaging in unnecessary conflicts.


You are ready to have your heart broken

5 Signs you have attained emotional maturity

An emotionally mature person understands too that the heart is fragile. Despite this knowledge, he/she will still take chances and risks when it comes to love. All of us want to be happy and we want to avoid situations that will inflict permanent pain. Love can hurt bad and the scars may remain etched forever. But if you are emotionally mature, you know how to take care of yourself because you understand that’s part of learning your love lessons and it will make you stronger than what you were before.


You have great adaptive capacity


If you are emotionally mature, you have great skills of accommodating as the need arises. Nothing will ever come easy. Many might have things that you desire for easy but there are things that they find it difficult to accomplish and you don’t. So, struggles are different for different people. Everything cannot revolve around you everywhere. There are times when you will have to let others take the limelight while you take a backseat. Now that is a perfect example of an emotionally mature person who can adjust well. It is easier for you to sail through even the worst of circumstances because you don’t crib or complain but rather accept situations as they come to you.  You don’t believe in seeing things lopsidedly. You want to have the best possible explanation and reaction to a particular situation which is why you are open to different opinions. For you, there is no one way of going about but rather too many to arrive at the best possible solution.