5 Signs a guy wants to genuinely date you, not sleep with you

Dating these days is a risky affair. Especially if you are a newbie and don’t wish to go anywhere near sex. So, how do you decide if a man who is showing an interest in you is not just after your body but wants to have a serious connection with you? Or should you just give up the thought of dating men just because your friends don’t really approve or online dating? Are you being told that this almost always leads to hooks ups and then people forget about each other? If you are in such a situation this article will surely help you to decide how to go about with choosing the right man to go out on a date with.

5 Signs a guy wants to genuinely date you and not sleep with you

At the start, I would like to clarify that stereotyping men depending on the experiences of just a few who ended up with having sex isn’t how you should be deciding on the course of your choices. There are genuine men out there who see much beyond the body and want to treat and respect a woman giving her due worth. Here are a few things you should be looking for in case you are in a fix while judging a man to go out with on a date.


He doesn’t hint on sex always


This is but obviously the first that you need to look out for. For some people sex is a deeper stage in the relationship which they choose to share with someone special. The guy who wants to really understand will never push you for sex. He will always analyse your likes and dislikes and then take the action accordingly. In fact, men who want to have a strong foundation with a woman will always take time to decide on her. Rushing into sex right on the first meet is something that generally playboys do! Even if you insist, he will probably refrain from it because he wants to be sure about you before he takes the decision to sleep. [Read: 6 Truths you need to know about sex to keep him interested]


He will make the effort to understand you


A guy who takes you seriously will make the effort to understand you the way you are. He will carve out time from his busy schedule to call you. When he meets you, he will keep his phone away and listen to all that you have to say. He won’t be someone who will brag about his accomplishments and his preferences. Instead when you try and ask him, he will ask you back. His questions will clarify what he is seeking from you. That is, if he is initially asking you questions that are heavily sexual, then you should understand his intentions.


He will call you back


People who are genuinely interested in the person you are, will give you respect. This is not just when you are in sight but also when you are away. He will call you back in case he fails to receive your call. He won’t make lame excuses. Instead will try and convince you that he will make up for the time he wasn’t available. If you have recently met him and he still doesn’t make the effort to hear from you in the day, he is probably on a lookout for other women. One is never too busy if they really want to be in touch with someone they like.


He will care about your feelings

 5 Signs a guy wants to genuinely date you and not sleep with you

He will never really come out so strong in front of you that you are intimidated. His topmost priority will be to make you feel at ease around him. He will be ready with those gesture to give you the utmost comfort. He will never fail to apologise if he does something intentionally or unintentionally. If you feel uncomfortable, you will ask you the reasons. However possible he will try and make amends so that you are happy. He will very proactive in calming your nerves than cause worries. This is probably the most important sign that you should be looking for in a man you wish to date in case you are not interested in just sex.


He won’t show off


Men who only seek sex after the first meet itself tend to have an unnecessary air of over confidence around them. They like to inflate their egos by showing how desirable they are with no humility attached whatsoever. If he seriously wants to date you, he won’t say or do anything to make you feel less important no matter what kind of a big shot he is. In case you find his doing so, consider it a red flag for you can never expect him to keep you happy. Such men only care about their wants and have no interest in being considerate about others’ emotions.