5 Signs indicating he’s the one!

Every little girl dreams of fingind the perfect man. The one who will love us and make us his queen. We grow up waiting for him, with a hope that he comes soon. For some he may come very early and sometimes it may takes years of waiting. Sometimes even if you have been dating for years or been in a relationship for years, we always have this one question on mind: is he the one?

Here are a few tips to figure out if he’s the one or if you need to keep looking.

When you become his world

Search for the one who put you in the first place, when he cancels his plan to abide to yours, when he cares for you, in however state you are and he stills find you at your best. The perfect one is also the one who is here, and supports you whenever you need him. You will know that he is the one, when you don’t have to call him every day and tell him your problems but by your low voice or feelings he will find out that something is wrong. This shows how much he cares for you and always puts you first.

When he is always by your side

Another fact is that, we girls need someone to protect us, to love us and to make us feel wanted. Such as you don’t have to message him daily then he will know your existence. Or you don’t have to beg him for a date. But if he’s the one asking you out and coming to meet you, it’s a sign that he wants to spend time with you, he needs your support and you mean a lot to him.

He respects your choice

One of the most prime factors is respect and choice. If your guy does not have any issue with how you live your life, if he lets you do what you want and still supports and respects your choice then girls maybe you should think twice before letting him go. We all need that person who will stand by us, praise us, encourage us and support us, when no one else is. Or to guide us if we are ever in the wrong direction. We need that selfless guy who will help us achieve so much, the one who wants us to follow our dreams and not someone who will always find faults in our decisions.

If you have an understanding relationship

One of the main ingredients for a healthy relation is understanding. If he understands you, without you saying anything, if he can read your mind, he feels what you are feeling, then ladies, he is certainly the one. For a happy living we need someone who will understand us, who will guide us, will show us the right way. If you have been dating for long, and he does not understand your point of view, he does not see in the same direction as you, then it’s a useless relationship. To have stability and peace you need to understand each other, you need to be each other’s support and courage. In all relationships there are fights but if at a certain point there is no understanding and the fight continues then you need to reconsider.

He completes you

If he is the one, he will makes you feel safe, make you feel happy even in a sad situation. He will approach you in such a way that life will be beautiful to live. Your ideal guy will also make you feel wanted, you will never have to beg for attention or even make him notice that he is not caring enough. He will do it on his own; each day will be like a new beginning for you, a new journey filled with happiness, love, care and understanding.

Niharika Essoo

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