5 Signs this man you love is not really serious about you

If you are in love with man, you would have yourself believe all the great things about him and even those that don’t actually exist. Well, that’s how love blinds you. That is why it is even harder to accept the fact that he may not be serious about you. While this man may be flashing all the signals that will prove his disregard for your existence in his life, you will still try and worship him. Liking someone and being serious about someone to take this to the next level are different things. People may like you, but that is not enough for a long term commitment. The fact that he makes you feel nice and stays in touch in an erratic manner is no guarantee of his seriousness about you. He is just doing what every man should, that is, giving you the basic human respect. Now if you mistaken that for love, then you are in for a huge bumper on the road sooner or later.

5 Signs this man you love is not really serious about you

Be realistic about your love life. Have all the facts and then decide if you can adjust and compromise with what’s there and not what you hope will be. If he is playing his cards well, you should too because knowing what you truly want or don’t is what will help you make the right choices.

Here are a few red signals that this man is not really serious about you:


You don’t make it to his priority list


Almost all of us have a priority list ready. We only let those people in who we know have a special place in our life. If your man makes excuses to leave you and spend more time with his friends and family, then you probably will never make it too far with him. A man should be able to make you feel special by giving you a comfortable space that he has with his people. Now you cannot expect him to drop everything for you and be there with you all the time. He will obviously have some things to take care of in his daily life.


He isn’t interested in your life


If a man never wants to understand you, your viewpoints and why you say what you say or do, then he isn’t really bothered about who you are. Someone who is serious will always want to share your life with his and vice versa. You should be able to tell him things openly and even he should be patient enough to listen to you. By taking a genuine interest in you, he shows the importance that you hold in his life. So, the next time and man acts like he doesn’t really care and you find a hard time telling him about yourself, he is definitely not the one who is serious about you.


He stood you up on plans too many times

5 Signs this man you love is not really serious about you

I understand that work is important and sometimes people have no control over work calls. But if your man clearly shows no intention of separating his personal from professional life and acts like you need to adjust and makes you feel bad at the end of the day then he is insensitive towards you. Someone who truly cares about you will always keep you informed about things and make sure that he makes up for the lost time. The point is how he makes you feel at the end of the day. Don’t buy excuses of men who keep coming up with some plan just to escape from  you. If you don’t fit into his idea of a great day out or a fun time at a club or just a lazy day at home, then he isn’t really serious about you.


He has never revealed his fears and secrets to you


When a man has all the right intentions for you and is serious, he will always let you into his true self. This includes not just his weaknesses but his strengths as well. If he hides his secrets and feels uneasy in your presence, then he is definitely not serious about you. You should always look for this crucial sign because a man who leads a secretive life with you, doesn’t consider you important enough. Just physical openness is not enough when you are in a relationship. Keeping you aloof and giving you a vague stance about his life is something that you shouldn’t ever settle with.


He doesn’t do future talks

 5 Signs this man you love is not really serious about you

If a man isn’t serious about you, he will avoid future talks. He will come up with frequent excuses of having “bigger plans”, that “the present time is not great” and the likes. Planning will never happen if he doesn’t want to. He will instantly know if you are right one for him if he is really looking for a partner to stay long term.

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