5 Signs your man is pulling away from you

Being in love with someone brings so much positivity and happiness in our lives. But the thought of losing them is scary. With time, things change. Either you get too possessive about this man or negativity of some sort creeps into the relationship, or the worst possible scenario is when he is actually not into you anymore and is obviously pulling away. Blame yourself as much as you would like to but you cannot be in control of what your partner feels for you. If you have the answers as to why this is happening, you can work on it but what if you have no clue and your partner refuses to communicate? If you start going too crazy about it, you will draw unnecessary troubles and cause much more damage than what is actually present. So, rather than cooking up non- exiting issues, you should be looking for the concrete signs that will guarantee his existing status. Here are a few signs that prove he is pulling away from you:

5 Signs your man is pulling away from you

He refuses interaction


Was he someone who told you everything before? Did he communicate well or at least listen to what you had to say? If yes, then do you see noticeable changes where he doesn’t care about being attentive to your opinions and needs? If you man is acting a little distant than he normally is, then he is definitely pulling away from you. Now the reasons may be numerous. He may have things back at the office that he doesn’t want to discuss or just the fact that he is in need of some space. Men go into their shells instead of needing some communication unlike women in a troubled situation. While you may want to reach out to your man and help him deal with the crisis, it is best to leave him alone for the time being unless he is ready to get back to you or offer an explanation.


He becomes unresponsive


Men and women communicate differently. Women are multitaskers while men are singly directed. While women can call, text work and even take care of other things at the same time, men tend to focus on one thing at a time only. This gets very annoying to some women who need frequent communication. Often you might call or text a guy and he would keep you waiting for hours to respond to a single text. If a man doesn’t care to respond back to you, either he is too busy and cannot afford to concentrate o anything else for the time being, or that he is definitely trying to create his own space and pulling back.


His behavioural pattern is haphazard


Often your man might be very concerned about you at one point and then blank at another time. While this might be just the way he likes to operate with everyone, it can be very discomforting and confusing for people who expect some consistency. While this behaviour or his may be normal during the first few days or even the initial months of dating, it is never normal when he showed a changed behaviour all of a sudden. Either he is too comfortable with the relationship now and doesn’t really feel the need to be active and responsive all the time, or that he is just pulling away because the intensity of his feelings is no longer the same as before.


He cancels quite often or plans rarely with you

5 Signs your man is pulling away from you

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances do crop up and people need to take care of that. Now if you have been with him long time, he will expect you to understand that and not create a fuss about it. Some people tend to be workaholic and if you have known this about your partner since the very beginning and still decided to stay, then you have to be accommodative now as well. However, if you find him making bizarre excuses and cancelling out on you a lot, then he is definitely pulling away from you.


Your relationship is stagnant


If your relationship is all too stagnant, chances are this man is all too comfortable with you now and doesn’t care much about keeping things interesting. If your man makes no efforts and it feels like this relationship doesn’t really matter too much, so much so that he could be out any day and wouldn’t ever care, then he is already pulling away. Rather than killing yourself over what if’s, just stop assuming and ask him about what he really feels. Take your own time and don’t let him the sole decisions for the relationship like you are just there to oblige. Be on your own. Stop forcing him or he will make you feel like he is doing you a favour.


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