5 Signs you are no better than a doormat to him

Most of these romantic movies that you have grown up seeing have molded you into believing that just love is enough for a successful relationship. To be fair to you, almost all of us have been sold to that idea. However, there are other virtues that are equally important as love for a relationship to be perfect in its own right. Perhaps the most important being, respect. Mutual respect for each other individual identity is the most important things that one needs to sustain a long-term relationship.

5 Signs you are no better than a doormat to him

Even though he might be going perfectly well in sustaining the relationship, but your gut feeling tells you that you are not being given the due share that you deserve. Be open to what your intuition says. It never lies. You feel like you deserve to stay here because you feel like you won’t be able to find anyone better. Honestly, this is a terrible lie that you have been told so many time that you have started making it your reality. Are you a doormat in your relationship? Get this right now: If you see some signs he doesn’t respect you, and there is absolutely no love. You are just his slave and no better than a doormat. Here are a few signs you are a doormat in your relationship:


You are overly dependent

Let’s get this correct at the start. Being dependent is good but crossing the thin line between dependency and over dependency is the killer. You constantly miss him the whole day, you can’t help but call him or text him forgetting all the other priorities of your life. This is being overly dependent. You have give up being independent so much so that you cannot breathe once he is gone away from your sight. Independent people make their own decisions and can take care of themselves regardless of the presence of their partners. They don’t need to be constantly assured of love. This perpetual need to have his opinion for every little detail and to act like he says has put you in a doormat position in the relationship.


He is a compulsive liar

You have caught him a number of times lying. Initially you felt they were harmless but now you find them crossing all limits that you though possibly existing in the relationship. You caught him texting and calling his ex and then it was his serious habit of intoxicating stuff. You have confronted him but he seems to get away with better lies. It only means that he considers you a doormat needing no attention. You have been taken for granted and no matter what he does he knows that won’t move away.


You are the last one in the priority list

 5 Signs you are no better than a doormat to him

People are different and it is understandable if they keep their goals in the first place. But if you find yourself getting no attention at all no matter where you go, you are just clinging on to a sinking ship. He makes fun of you in public and you seem to consider that ever so normal to the point of no reaction. More often than not there are times, when your partner should consider giving you the due share of appreciation and recognition not just behind closed doors but also applaud you publicly. It just proves how lucky they feel to have you in their lives. If you already are a doormat in the relationship, you will always find yourself seeking that position which will never be given to you.


He doesn’t consider it necessary to apologize

 He can never accept the fact that he is wrong. He is not perfect to have never made a mistake in the relationship. We all do at some point of time or the other. However, if he considers that way below his dignity to apologize to you then he considers yours no better than a doormat relationship. Your respect means nothing to him. He considers himself much superior to you. In turn, he makes you feel like you made the mistake which in fact was the other way round in the first place.


He belittles your goals in life

Making a place in a man’s world is important but difficult. So much so that we hide our wishful dreams in the fear that they might be laughed at. However, if you muster the courage to tell him all about it and it ridicules them, you are a doormat for him who doesn’t have the right to and shouldn’t even dare think of reaching heights. He just wants you to take pride in who he is and has no concern whatsoever for what you would like to do. It only shows how little he had paid attention when you were trying to convey your deepest secrets and wishes to him.