5 Signs you are his Plan B

So, you have met someone new. It feels really nice to have him speak with you and take care of you. But all of this has happened too virtually and you aren’t really sure about how to take a chance with him.  While he is too warm at times, he confuses you too. He does all the nice things that you ever expect from the men you have dated. He makes you think that he has massive potential. With time, you do notice that he is not really the person that you thought him to be. He seems to have a past hangover which has a bearing on what you share with him. The effect is more pronounced as days pass and you get to know more of him. While he is there with you, you still get a vibe that is disturbing enough for you to feel like an option. So are you his Plan B? Here are what you should notice in his behaviour and words to understand if you are just an option to him:

 5 Signs you are his Plan B

He has been clear about what he wants with you


If a man truly want to be with you for life, he will make every effort to be with you. No sacrifices will be too much for him if that amounts to having you in his life. Now, if he makes it clear to you that all he sees you is as a friend or just wishes to date you casually, then you don’t mean a lot to him. Not enough to see a concrete future with you. This shouldn’t demonise him just because he cannot be with you, but yes, if you cannot take thing casually and are expecting something real; then it is always a great option to see someone else rather than waiting for a miracle to change him. The return on that kind of investment is never worth it.


There is no exclusivity


Love is relative. Not everything needs branding as long as you are content about the equation that you share with someone. However, if you are someone who believes in exclusivity or being official with someone, then you do need to clarify your position in his life as early as possible. You definitely do not find it the best possible thing for yourself to stay confused about the status that you enjoy. But if he always dodges the thought or refuses to discuss exclusivity with you, then you are just a Plan B which he won’t take long to replace you when need be.


He makes no effort to make you feel special


When are man truly likes you, he will make every possible effort to make you feel special. This can be sweet gestures, the little things that he knows about you and wants to make them true. If he is capable of affording them, he will sacrifice little needs here and there to accommodate your needs. This will not be because you want them or have asked him for it but because he considers you such an important part of his life that he wants to do whatever he can to make you happy. However, if he repeatedly makes excuses or shows no interest in making you feel special by doing something as simple as going out for a coffee, then he is definitely not considering you a priority but only his Plan B.


You haven’t met his friends and family


Being introduced to your partner’s family and friends is a great feeling. Not just because you know new people but because you meet the people who matter to him the most. At any stage of the relationship, you partner will want you to meet his family and friends just because he wants you to become a part of the same circle. Now there is no specific time frame after which you should be meeting them. Family probably not before months or years because he may be just waiting to be absolutely sure of you before he finally takes that important step. If he takes you nowhere close to his closest people, then you are just his Plan B.


He does not stick to his promises

5 Signs you are his Plan B

This is not the thing that men who love you do too often. If this guys loves you enough, you will be as much important to him as his other priorities. However, if you find this man making repeated excuses just to escape from making out time for you, then he is definitely not really serious about you. Work is important but if he does want to see you, he will make conscious efforts all the time. Don’t beg him to spend time with you. If you are important enough and you feed his soul, he will move mountains just to see you for a moment. Crazy its does sound but he will stick to his promises if you are not his Plan B.