5 Signs he is playing hard to get!

Now we all know that men like the chase. They like to play it hard just to satiate their egos. However, it might be very difficult to analyse if he is actually interested and playing hard to get or he is the least interested about you. These days romance is so complex that it’s difficult to point out people’s true feelings. We just want to play hard just so that their value doesn’t diminish. You may find yourself very confused and wonder why he isn’t choosing you. What’s preventing him from being upfront about his feelings. Accept the fact that not everyone is meant for you. Not everyone will love you and expecting that is the most foolish thing that you could do. Here are a few signs he’s playing hard to get:

5 Signs he is playing hard to get!

He will tell you directly 

Yes, there are men who will say this directly on your face. This class of men is pretty gutsy! They wouldn’t be manipulative or shy away from telling you what you should be expecting from them. They have been doing this with quite a number of women and can do it with almost everyone they come across. This is why they are confident enough to let you know that they will be hard to get. You may not actually believe him and just let that matter pass away without paying much attention to what he told you. But trust your instincts at times. The moment he lets you know, just back off. You are better than what he is willing to offer.  Don’t settle for a man like him.


Sensual talks are always confined to the virtual world

 He tries to be very intimate with you, but only in the virtual world. He tries to drive you crazy with all the naughty pictures that he keeps sending. He may love to speak about sex over the phone. He will always tease you to keep you hooked on to him. He will tease you to the point that you are made to feel very desirable. So much so, that will be convinced that he craves you. He loves to hear you say all those naughty things to him.  That strokes his ego. But he will never walk the talk. Nothing ever happens with him other than empty conversations. And all the talk is no good to let things be significant enough to be taken seriously.


He likes to make you jealous

We like to be in control at times. Being in control of someone’s emotions boosts people’s egos at times. You might have done this before. You may had previously liked a guy and instead of making it obvious that you like him, you try to flirt with other men around just so that you have his attention. This usually does the job and he chases you for the attention. The same way you are being played on now.

This time this guy tries to do the same thing with you. He stares at other women. Sometimes, directly and sometimes he does it in subtle ways and makes his act foolproof. This way he tries to piss you off.


He is always in charge of all plans

5 Signs he is playing hard to get!

He is always the one to decide on your meet ups. He never lets you plan anything on his behalf. You follow him. You adjust according to his plans. He never has time for you. When he does, it is just a formality to keep you in the loop. Even when he plans date nights with you, you are left all alone with a very lame excuse. When someone likes you, they want to be with you. This is irrespective of whether you have great plans or not. When you find him constantly cancelling plans on you, be sure that he cares the least about your feelings.


He picks faults with you

5 Signs he is playing hard to get!

He thinks you are lucky to have him. He thinks he is already beyond your league. He is always criticising you for everything. This may be the way you look or even what you do. You were never perfect and will never be. This way he tries to prove his dominance over you. He wishes to tell you that you have to work hard to get him. That he is not an easy catch. If you cannot do what he expects, then you should better get someone who will like you just the way you are.


These are some signs a guy is playing hard to get. Why do you wish to waste your time on someone who is playing all that hard to get? Won’t that be hard on yourself when you already know that he is doing so? Let him go. Find yourself someone who values you. You are worth all the best things that can happen.

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