5 Signs you are being taken advantage of in the relationship

Each one of us had been manipulated at some point of our life or the other. There is no one way in which everyone is manipulated and being taken advantage of in a relationship. Being manipulated emotionally is something that leaves us disgusted about ourselves. Sometimes, you don’t even know how it happened and how you gave in so easily to the red flags that were right there in front of you. Manipulators are great at using the information they have about you to their advantage. They live on your fears and insecurities to make you do exactly what they want.

5 Signs you are being taken advantage of in the relationship

If you are in a relationship with someone who manipulates you every time, it shatters all your dreams of having a healthy relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. It might be difficult for you to identify what’s happening with you until it’s too late to do something concrete to save yourself from feeling depressed, dejected and anxious. Here are a few signs you’re being taken advantage of and what you need to do to stop that.


Your fears are his tools

When you fall in love with someone, you want to tell them everything that interests you and what your core strengths and weaknesses are. If you carefully analyse, you will find that this person has always had the upper hand when to comes to knowing all about you. In return for the little that he shared with you, you gave away way too much information to be used against you when it serves him right. So, when he is talking advantage of you, he will know exactly what he needs to win over you and attack you for the very same things that he had once praised about you. This leaves you confused and yes, it is difficult to figure out what’s on his mind. This sort of confusion that he creates is something that works great for his moves.


You have to do what they ask of you

When a man who is taking advantage of you needs something from you, you will have to available regardless of whether it is a convenient time or not. Manipulators understand your compassionate and kind behaviour and how much it kills you when you cannot be there for the people they love. They use that guilt against you to make you do what they want. The moment you refute, all hell breaks loose. They make you feel that you are not good enough and that you do not really live up to people’s expectations which is why all the wrong things happen to you. They justify your bad days like that so that the fear created forces you to be there for them whenever they want.


You find no solution confronting them

Whenever things haven’t worked in your favour, you have tried the most common route and that is to speak with him and tell him what’s bothering you. Now manipulators could not care less about what you have to say. They are the most selfish people around and no logic of yours will ever work to convince them about the pain that their behaviour makes you go through. They have this uncanny ability to turn over everything that you would complain about against you and in the end you are made to feel like a fool. You will be confused about everything at the end of the conversation because manipulators will make you believe that you are the one to blame for everything.


Your self-worth is at a low

5 Signs you are being taken advantage of in the relationship

Manipulators taking advantage of you will always have you believe that you are not good enough. You will be told all the negative things that will make your confidence hit an all time low. You start questioning your merit and worth. They make you feel like you cannot reach the level that they are in. They will have you believe that nothing that you think or do is capable of winning over them. Your value is diminished.  You will be convinced that only when you can please them, you are capable enough and without them, you hold no standing in the world.


You are at the receiving end of abuse

When a partner is taking advantage of you and feeding your on insecurities, he will do everything to hurt you so that you are left feeling weak and shattered. Your vulnerability helps them dominate your life. They get angered at a moment’s notice and  resort to abusing you both physically and emotionally. It is easier for them to control you since you will be pushed to a point of fearing them and you would do everything to save yourself from such an embarrassment. You might actually be so blinded in love that you would find it difficult to see and understand beyond what they have you believe.

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