5 Snags to Circumvent as You Dress up in Saree

15601324404_daac0bff9c_bThough summer is gone, spring is still sweating us. Well, whatever the season or occasion is, Indian women love wearing saris. Reason is simple, no other attire can give you that sexy and gorgeous look.

It is all fine not to miss the chance so as to flaunt your dazzling figure. But, you need to glam up your style because just tying a beautiful nine yard outfit will not fulfil your desire to rock the scene.
Enjoy the charm of saree by avoiding following blunders by all means.

  1. The Cranky Underskirt:

Commonly known as ‘petticoat’, the wrong underskirt can drive you crazy. For instance, a flared skirt underneath your saree will make you look bulky. You should also take good care of fabric selection for your underskirt because if both are of same stuff like silk, you might not be able to carry your saree with ease.

Good option is to go for cotton or lawn (in summer specially) fabric because it will make your saree sit well without bothering you.

  1. The Misfit Top:

Make sure that your top usually called choli or blouse is best suitable to your body type. If you are plump then forego the backless one and also those with thin bra band. Awfully tight blouse will also spoil your entire look just as a terribly slack one can.

Rather than tempting to appear erotic, better to spot on your natural physique by wearing right blouse. Ensure that bra straps are not visible from your blouse.

  1. That Wrong Shoes:

Wearing flats with saree? Oh! You are the tall one or not comfortable with high heels. Still it is not a good option and must be avoided. All the allure of your saree will go in vain with flat footwear.

You can decide on platform heels and it will add a slight height so you will not be a giraffe (wink) in the whole party. Peep toes and stilettos will also work nicely to boost your attire in saree.

  1. Don’t forget the Midriff:

You can carry your saree in the most pertinent way only if you have tied it properly around the waist. So never forget to concentrate on your midriff and keep the saree well settled around the waist bone-neither high nor low.

  1. Those Overly done things:

Jewelry and makeup must not be done in excess. Let yourself look stylish and glamorous with the pinch of balanced accessories and makeover to keep your natural oomph personality alive.

Remember you are not a Bollywood celebrity or a model walking on the ramp. So prefer to keep your makeup low and the best is to highlight one facial feature at a time. It can be your lips or eyes but not both as it will add a loud factor-not an apt choice.

Better to settle on only one jewelry piece, it can be either a head gear or earrings. If you want to have both then use ear studs in place of bold earrings.

I prefer wearing earrings alone with sarees and it always perks up the vivid reflection of my persona.

Finally, wearing an ethnic look in form of saree will be far easy if you brilliantly dodge these snags.

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