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5 Snapchat discoveries ! We hope you know Snapchat ! Snapchat is a social snap or photo app that lets you photo post your lives to your acquaintances! You can capture photos and video your ” now” moments and send them to the friends that you have added on your app. Double tap the photos and you can add a line message too! The app is quite lively, quirky and trendy and has a lot of users!

You can also post your story, a photographic story to the viewers out there on Snapchat!

Snapchat Discovers are daily updated feeds from some of the most renowned read brands from all over the world. Basically, these are stories that are put in by these brands everyday that are hell informative, easy to read and very interesting! And yes! They are like really useful and time-saving for us, women!

Here are the five that will just make your day!


The read that is eagerly awaited by every woman. Cosmopolitan is a magazine targeted to contemporary women that extends health, beauty and sex advice. They come up with the most crisp yet illuminating stuff. It holds at least 6- 8 feeds under it’s story every day. And if you are a woman! Trust us! It’s going to leave you with some lessons you sure would want to remember!

Refinary 29

It’s an American website based on beauty, entertainment and “how-to’s”! This website follows a newsletter format and puts in new, quirky and trending feeds in it’s snapchat story everyday. It will give you some really good beauty advice and also scoop out the best of gossips from the international showbiz industry.

Food Network:

What does a woman need to know the most about, after fashion, beauty and entertainment? Food!

You have the best of food facts, recipes and food videos posted by the most reputed food read, The Food Network. As you move through your day, swap screens to read the most yummy and mouth watering food recipes through their snapchat discover story.

Daily Mail

Did you just forget to go through the newspaper this morning? Are you still running low on time but really want to know about the latest international news!

Tap the screen to Daily Mail’s snapchat story for the day and you are ready with all the breaking news for today.


Music is world! Music is an indispensable part of a women’s day. So, go through the trending music stories, news and videos through their snapchat story. Guess what! All of these will just take 10-15 minutes out of your busy schedule, provide all what you want to know about and the visuals,refresh you up too.



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