5 Surprising benefits of tea bags

5 Surprising benefits of tea bags

While instant tea making requires tea bags and is preferred over loose tea, there is no limit to how much tea is taken by an average Indian. It doesn’t matter if it is a hot summer day or cold winter afternoon, no meal or trip to someone’s house is complete without a session of tea. Benefits of black tea include lowering the risk of many dreadful medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease or cholesterol, people widely consume it for instant caffeine boost. Throwing away used teabags is not quite a smart move as they can be reused in many different ways to avail tea bag benefits. Let’s look at a few surprising benefits of tea bags:


Treat Skin Problems:

Cool moist tea bags are excellent way to soothe irritated skin. Just place them over irritated skin area or bruises and even sun burns or razor burns and leave for a few minutes. Teabags are also a great way to treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Furthermore, rubbing teabags over stings and bites also helps in decreasing swelling and pain. The ‘catechin’ polyphenols in green tea contain antibacterial and skin healing properties whereas tannin present in tea helps to improve blood circulation and tighten the skin.


Use Them In Your Garden:

Teabags have supernatural properties when it comes to helping fertilize the soil. They increase nitrogen levels in the soil and hence enrich the soil in your garden. Simply remove the tags or staplers and throw the used tea bags in your garden. It will bring life to your drooping plants. Acidic tannins present in the tea particularly help roses and ferns to grow well.


Add Flavor To Rice And Pasta:

5 Surprising benefits of tea bags

One of teabags benefits is that they are great in adding flavor to other foods. Just hang the used teabags into a pot of water when it comes to a boil so that they do their work of adding flavor to the water. Now simply add Pasta, rice or grains. For best results try green tea for adding flavor to pasta and jasmine tea for flavoring rice.


Keep The Odor Out With Tea Bags:

Teabags can be used to remove armpit odor by simply rubbing them on armpits. They also remove the odor from refrigerators when placed in refrigerators. They can be used to keep the odor out of shoes but make sure the teabags are completely dry and not used. Place them inside the shoes and wait until odor disappears.


Tenderize The Meat:

5 Surprising benefits of tea bags

If you want your steak to be extra tender and juicy, pour a few black tea bags and a cup of water along with a beef stock for ten minutes and then marinate the meat in that mixture for around 20 minutes. Tannins will help to break down the fiber and tenderize the meat as a result.

So, next time do not throw away teabags after using them for you can reuse them in numerous ways. It does not matter whether you take green tea for its weight loss properties or want to attain benefits of black tea by consuming black tea, just make sure you reuse the tea bags for the various benefits they offer.



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